Khloe K grills Corey Gamble on his intensions with her mum, Kris Jenner


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31 year old Khloe Kardashian and her bestie Malika Haqq, 32 took Kris Jenner’s boy toy Corey Gamble who is 34 years old down to a restaurant for a little candid Q&A about his relationship with 59 year old Kris Jenner.

Khloe started the convo by directly asking Corey while Malika was still talking:

‘Have you ever been to jail?’ Khloe asks.

‘Nah. I ain’t mister perfect, none of that type of stuff,’ Corey says. 

‘No trouble that’s a disrespect or threat to another human.’ he says before adding, ‘But don’t f**k with me.’

Khloe nodded and then asked:

‘You and I are basically the same age,’ Malika interjected. ‘Have you always been attracted to older women?’  

‘Since I used to hit on my second grade teacher,’ Corey says,an answer which made Khloe chuckle.

‘But it’s not even an age factor, it’s just a connection,’ he explains. 

Khloe then asks:

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‘Do you want to get married?’ 

‘I don’t think love is measured by that piece of paper because I know people that are not married that are strong as hell,’ Corey says thoughtfully.

‘So you don’t want kids?’ Khloe asks.

‘I’ve raised some kids in my time,’ he responds.

 Looking surprised, Khloe exclaims:

‘Who have you raised?’

‘My niece and nephew,’ he says and Khloe said: ‘Oh’ clearly providing Khloe with some relief.

Malika and Khloe then ask what made Corey first approach Kris.

Corey goes on to narrate how he met her at a party and ‘she had on this nice a** dress and she was looking good’. He then asked her to dance.

After a barrage of questions from Khloe and Malika, they seemed satisfied with Corey and his answers and the clip ended. Looks like this guy is good enough for Kris after all!


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