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Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin apologizes to her family, as he rephrases his cheating claim (video) – FashionStyleng

• Justin insisted that every statement he made about Korra being a narcissist, and her lack of accountability are true, apart from the fact she’s not a chronic cheat, but only cheated in the beginning of their relationship.

Days after Justin Dean, the husband to Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi came out online to announce he and Korra will be getting a divorce, he’s out again to rephrase some of his words.


In a video posted by Mr Dean on Sunday night, March 13 he stated that all the comments and statements he made about Korra Obidi being a chronic cheat were inaccurate.

He cleared that Korra cheated, but it was in the beginning of their relationship. And this implies that Korra still cheats but she does that occasionally.


Justin continued that Korra actually caused the rift in their marriage crisis, even though he has forgiven her and they’re trying to move on.

On the comments people made about his children, June and Athena Dean not being his own, he rephrases that the comments are absolutely false, adding that June and Athena are his children and he loves them.


Justin insisted that all other statements, such as his claim that Korra is a narcissist and not being accountable for her actions, are very accurate and true.

He however expressed that his apology is to the Korra Obidi family, especially her sister, Nancy and their father. Justin promised to love and care for his children, even if he and Korra are no longer marriage.


He said, “The comments I made about Kora Obidi being a chronic cheat were inaccurate, to my knowledge, she only cheated in the beginning of the relationship, she caused the rift, I’ve forgiven her and we’re trying to move on.

“All the comments about the children not being mine are absolutely false. These are my children and I love them. And all other statements I made in that post are accurate and correct.


“This is my apology to the Obidi family about the chronic cheating claims. @korraobidi @nancyumeh_ and her dad (papa). June and Athena are my children and I love them. I’ll be t. for them everyday even if I’m not married to Korra.”

Watch video below.


Recall that the past few days were hectic and very intense for the Dean’s family, after Justin, out of frustration took to his Instagram page, on Wednesday night, March 9, to announce he and Korra will be getting a divorce.

He also mentioned that he has tried all these years they were married to make things work in their marriage, but Korra wouldn’t be accountable for her actions, and she would always prove her narcissism.

Besides, Korra didn’t come out to share any . or make statement as regards the marriage crisis, going by the fact she and Justin welcomed their second child named Athena Dean a week before the issue ensued.



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