LADIES!! 3 Easy Ways To Quickly Dump A Man


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As a woman you get to meet some clowns out here and some men could run a circus crew all on their own and make a very decent living. You also learn to know how to deter some people especially ones with eyeliner on their eyes. Who will be the woman in that relationship? We cannot take the same amount of time to get ready because you also need make up.

Here is the 3 easy ways to dump a man

1. The Stranger: Use your vernacular. There is nothing men hate more than to be seen with an upcountry woman. This will only work if you are good with your vernacular. The trick is to have a really strong accent and have a really dumb look while asking where KICC is. He will walk away.

You can try acting like you have not seen him, like I tried or you can say; a) you are married-if no ring you are cohabiting b) in a relationship c)you have a court date tomorrow ( have a serious offence lined up and ask if he will visit at Langata Women’s Prison.

2. If it is a colleague at work: This is the easiest because you have a host of lines that will always work. You can quote the office policy against co-worker relationships. If you are lucky to be in an organization that is against dating in the office, this one always works.

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You can also mention how you do not mix business and pleasure. It is known that most work relationships never works and one person is usually bound to lose. Tell them you do not want to be that person.

Tell them your focus at that moment is about your career and you do not want them to lose out because you will never have time for them.

This can fail if he is drastic in getting another job and coming back because now you look for other ways to deter him.

3. If it is a friend: Men hate friend zones especially that friendship was formed with an ulterior motive to get close to you. The go to line is usually that you do not want to ruin the friendship because you are bad at relationships and you will ruin both at the end. Or you can just say that you are just interested in being friends and nothing else.

Introduce him to a friend as a set-up date. This way you are letting him know that you are the least interested in him as a boyfriend for you.

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