LADIES!!! 5 Things That Happen To Your Body During s*x


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If things go as planned, your v**ina is stoked about s*x. You get turned on, you have an climax, and all is right with the world. It all sounds pretty straight forward, right? But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what makes all those awesome sensations work?

While you are enjoying all the fun benefits of s*x, there are many things happening in your body at once, especially below your panty line. It’s nothing short of amazing what happens to your v**ina during s*x, and every woman will be interested to learn what’s going on with her lady parts while doing the deed.

The moment your brain gets the message that you’re turned on, things start to happen. From that first moment of interest all the way to climax, your v**ina is undergoing changes and trying it’s best to optimize your pleasure. (Isn’t science amazing?)

So if you ever doubted that your v**ina is on your team, think again. Through each step of having s*x, your v**ina is doing everything possible to get you to the point where you are breathlessly panting on your sheets, because when your v**ina is happy, everyone’s happy.

If you’re curious to know what happens when you’re getting busy, check out these cool female anatomy facts and have a moment of silence for all the incredible things your body can do.

1. It becomes sensitive.

Once you’re in the mood, your body instantly becomes stimulated. Everyday Health notes that this happens when the blood begins to pump to your v**ina and cli**ris, making them larger and more sensitive. This increased sensitivity is what makes contact with those areas feel so good.

2. It self-lubricates.

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As the v**ina prepares for s*x, it begins to produce its own lubrication. According to the Kinsey Institute, vaginal wetness is created by fluid that was originally part of the extra blood that began traveling to the v**ina when you were first aroused.

3. It gets erect.

It may not be as obvious as a man-hood, but the cli**ris can have an erection as well. This happens when this clitoral tissue swells and becomes stiff, and can last well after an climax, according to Women’s Health.

4. It doesn’t pee.

During climax, some women experience what feels like a little bit of pee. However, they are actually experiencing female Release. Psychology Today notes that the fluid, often confused for urine, is made by secretions from the paraurethral glands.

Although there are many medical questions about female Release, 10 to 50 percent of woman report having experienced the phenomenon.

5. It may have a spasm.

It can be common for some women to experience pain from the penetration of s*x. But you can go ahead and squish the ego of any guy who think’s it’s because his man-hood is too big. The fact is, as Mayo clinic notes, your vaginal wall can have spasms that are completely involuntary. The tightening of those muscles is what can lead to discomfort or pain.


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