Tiwa Savage hairstyle inspiration is what makes women change the way they look. This star has changed her own appearance many times and the list of the hairstyles she has tried is quite long. The way she rocks pixie, long hair extensions, colors and styles are incredibly charming. Just take a look.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Tiwa Savage latest hairstyles

Tiwa Savage is one of those ladies who attract the attention of all the people around her without special efforts, just owing to her stunning natural look. When she enhances her beauty with bright and catchy hairstyles, she becomes several times as impressive.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Let’s take a look at some of the hairstyles she often to wear and see how such a design can influence the way a beautiful woman looks.

Tiwa Savage pixie look: the impressive cheekbones

Top Tiwa Savage pixie

A pixie haircut as is doesn’t suit just every face. A girl needs a lot of courage to have her hair cut like this and take good care of her hair when she does it. Pixie haircut on African hair requires a lot of straightening and in case you have very curly hair, you will need to give it a lot of effort to make it look that shiny and silky.

However, Tiwa rocks the style easily. The shape of the bangs perfectly draws attention to her cheekbones and their excellent shape. Besides that, no hair around the face reveals her pretty Bambi eyes. If you, too, have large eyes and shaped cheekbones, try wearing this style, too.

Take a look at Tiwa’s variations of this haircut: sometimes, she’s wearing bangs that surround her forehead and sometimes her bangs shade one eye that add charm to her glance. The variation with the asymmetric bangs is great for ladies with rounded faces.

This was, probably, one of the riskiest adventures Tiwa has ever tried with her hair and she has definitely rocked the style!

Tiwa Savage in braids: the multiple fashions

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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One of the most favorite Tiwa’s hairstyles among fans is her all back cornrow hairdo. The voluminous braids form a crown over her head, opening her face and revealing the exquisite features. If you own an oval face with prominent cheekbones, try this hairstyle, too.

Another flat cornrow hairstyle is one of those things that make women look much younger. A fresh open face, accurately done baby hair around the forehead, and several long braids that fall over Tiwa’s chest make her look as young and fresh as a senior schoolgirl.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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T. are women who look gorgeous with blond braids. One of them is Beyonce and the other is Tiwa. The blond color of the hair extensions emphasizes Tiwa’s beautiful skin tone and creates a fresh contrast. Actually, such hair extensions can add a touch of style to any lady, the matter is in the color of the extensions that would match the lady’s complexion.

You should definitely try it, too. After all, you don’t need to dye your natural hair because blond extensions are enough to create the necessary look. Even more, the combination of the natural hair and blond extensions is able to create the effect that your hair is sparkling with gold.

Such great buns demand a lot of hair, either your natural or artificial, but they look incredibly elegant. The combinations of twists and braids all done upwards into big soft buns is absolutely fabulous. Again, this is one of the best hairstyles for the ladies whose facial features win when they are revealed from under the hair locks around the face.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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This is a hairstyle that allows diversity and doesn’t require much care. Everything you need to do is find a good hair stylist who will do your hair as you wish once and for a long time on. For instance, you can have your hair parted at one side and done into many thin cornrows that keep a section of your hair back.

The rest are simply braided and left as they are. Long or short, such braids look neat and lovely. If you like, you can style them into buns or in any other ways that match the beauty of your face and your general style.

Tiwa Savage colored hair styles

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Apart from the golden extensions in the braiding, Tiwa has already rocked several extremely beautiful colored variations.

This is an incredibly tricky task for a hairdresser to do this with a natural African hair. However, it seems, Tiwa’s hair stylist has done a perfect job. T.’s not a single dark hair on her head, everything is silky silver and extremely attractive against the background of her skin.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Blond on African hair is a very stressful procedure for the hair. If you are into trying it on your own head, you need to be ready to give all efforts to taking care of your hair after the process of blond-making. This procedure can be quite harmful to your natural hair.

This is how Tiwa looks with her silky straight hair of the rich plum-purple color. A matching lipstick adds to her elegance and charm. The fashionable ombre leaves the natural color practically untouched at the roots and the color gradually gets more and more intense closer to the endo has hidden pitfalls because such colors as purple, blue, green or others need to be applied after discoloring the natural hair. Just like blond-making, this procedure can be quite harmful to the hair and after it, the regeneration of the colored parts will require a lot of efforts.

Another fashionable idea involves wearing the natural color closer to the ends while the remaining length of the hair is gradually turning into the mild blond. The darker the blond color is, the less harm is done to the hair, in this case. However, the harm is compensated with the freshness of the look.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

Tiwa looks as young as a teenager with this hairstyle and it matches her complexion perfectly. If you are thinking of having such a hairstyle, too, first, choose the blond hue that would match your complexion in the same pretty way.

This is one of the least expected colors to see on Tiwa and a surprisingly attractive one. The slightly greenish blue creates a pleasant contrast with the warm tone of her skin and the makeup in soft pink hues. Besides that, it looks cool and fresh.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Such complicated coloring effects require a highly qualified hair stylist. In case you want to repeat this Tiwa’s hairstyle on your own hair, you will need somebody who will understand your hair well and preserve it from the damage properly.

Tiwa Savage Ghana weaving hairstyles

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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The very style is known as something that allows plenty of variations. Everything depends on the skills of the hairdresser and the desire of the client. The braids on the head create intricate patterns, attracting the eye and their wearer looks just fabulous.

Tiwa has worn a whole number of such styles. The ones that keep all her hair back with hair extensions, the ones that keep a good half of her hair up in a big bun, the ones with thick weavon braids that look voluminous and neat at the same time.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

She’s wearing weavon extensions in practically all of the styles that involve such braiding. With the help of the additional hair, she can have a pretty volume of her braids and add whatever colors and length she likes. Recently, it has been noticed that she loves long hair, especially when it’s extensions. Some of her braiding hairstyles can even reach her thighs.

Tiwa has always been a hairstyle inspiration for many female fans of hers. She keeps on making more and more stylish and attractive appearances wearing new interesting hairstyles and even wigs! Just follow your favorite celeb’s new hair styling ideas!



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