LADIES!! Secrets To Hide From Men


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We all have secrets. But have you ever thought that hiding secrets will cause tension in your life? Well, there are a few secrets which need to be kept as secrets, especially in a relationship.

Generally, keeping secrets does spoil the relationship to a great extent. So, make sure you hide only some things from your man. The secrets that we are about to discuss in this article today are the most common secrets which can keep the relationship harmonious but not break it.

For a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you need not have to be an open book as most of the times, it backfires and it can ruin the relationship. Usually, what goes on in a girl’s mind is a mystery. This makes her hide stuff from her man.

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Read on to know about the secrets women generally hide from men.

About Flings: Mostly, women feel that they will be judged based on their past. This makes them hide their dirty little stories. This can make you partner jealous and insecure but you need to assure him that your past is past and you are going to stay committed and loyal.

About Girlie Gossip: Men need to totally stay out of the secrets women share in their ladies night out. Do not expect the woman to share the gossip that happens there. Even if they reveal it, don’t be happy as it might be just a small ‘part’ of a big story.

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Makeup Kits: You might wonder how on earth your woman looks so enticing throughout the day. It can be the use of her secret makeup kit which has almost everything from under-eye makeup to anti-ageing creams and even pimple solutions.

About Her Ex: Most of us have had a secret past and have moved on. Not discussing about an ex doesn’t mean that you don’t have feelings for them or are still going around with them. So, respect her decision as she might not want to think about that bad dream. This is one of the secrets to hide from your man.

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About His Family: Do not crib about his family all the time as he would start to judge you which is totally wrong. Just letting go of the situations and talks will keep the relationship healthy. Trying to maintain a balance in your relationships keeps you happy.

These are the few secrets that women generally hide from men. If you have any then do share them with us.

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