Girls, we can jointly agree that it can be really tough to tell what our partners are thinking especially when it comes to commitment. Sometimes it may be so easy to sense what they are up to due to our strong intuition and sometimes, we don’t need to worry about what they are thinking as they act really “obvious”. Whichever way it is, there are signs men will show if they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. If you are not sure where you stand with him or you need to be really certain he sees you as a big part of his future, these are some of the signs your man will show if he wants to marry you:

1. He Invests In Your Future: A man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you will constantly make an effort to do something for you that will help you have a better future or asks for your opinion when he wants do anything big. If he constantly gives you advice on how to something better, offers to pay for you to further your education or offers to be a part of your business investments, he is probably seeing you as part of his future.

2. He Plans Vacations With You: it’s a good sign he plans vacation with you and his family members and friends. It shows that he already sees you as part of the family. Even if it is just the two of you and he takes his time to pay attention to the littlest details and always tries to please you, he is taking you seriously.

3. He Isn’t Able To Get Enough Of You: when a man is excited about you, it is not so hard to know as he will always goanextra length to bring smiles on your face. If he always spend time with you, puts your pictures everywhere; his wallet, his office, his home or call and text you a lot and takes you out on surprise dates, this is a good sign that he is thinking about settling down with you.

4. He Introduces You To Everyone: if he sees you as his future partner, he will see no reason to hide you. He will introduce you to his best friends, co workers and family; everyone that matters in his life. It is a big sign if he brings you in into his circle as guys are often cautious about the people they bring in. You should also notice the way he introduces you to them.

5. He Wants To Work Out Your Differences: if he makes an effort to talk things out when you guys have issues, tries to improve communication between you guys and is always ready to meet you halfway, that’s one of the signs your guy is really taking you seriously.

6. Takes You To Meet His Parents: a guy would never take just anybody to meet his parents. If he takes you home to meet his parents, he is obviously thinking about you as part of the family already; he already sees you as his wife. If he equally starts talking about meeting your parents or when you mentioned, he obliged willingly and happily, your man is definitely thinking about taking you to the altar.

7. He Is Open With You: if he sees you as a permanent part of his life, he will be open to you. He will not be shy to talk about his embarrasing moments with you or afraid to share his dreams and aspirations with you. He will talk to you about everything going on his life, it’s his way of getting you involved in every aspect of his life.


8. He Talks About Children: another sign he will show if he wants to marry you is if he talks about starting a family and children with you. He shares his views about kids and tells you how many he wants to have and how he wants his home to be like. You both are practically planning towards the family you will have when you get married.

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