LADIES!! Signs You Are In A relationship With The Wrong Guy


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1. He is only interested in knowing you sεxμally.
That is a sign of a f*ckboy who just want nothing from you but sεxμal benefits. He wants just to use you and with time our relationship will be long done.

2. You both have absolutely no shared interests
If you have nothing in common then there is no need to be in that relationship. It just shows how you are in with someone who is not right for you. For a couple to co-exist well in any relationship, they need to have shared interests.

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3. Most if not all the time is spent in confrontation and conflicts
A relationship built on conflicts is doomed and its bound to fail anytime. You need to be in a healthy relationship with someone whom you have low quarrels if not zero because in a relationship there must be such but not too much.

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4. He is too busy to share quality time with you
There is no need for you to be in a relationship where your partner has no time for you. That simple means he has time for another person and not you.

5. He is physically and/or emotionally abusive
Use of harsh words continuously in a relationship makes it to tear apart in most cases. This is because your relationship will just be built in an ever abusive environment which makes it not grow healthy.

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6. He has no desire to be seen with you in public
Why does he doesn’t want to walk with you in public? That one just sends an information that he has some other important guys they are not ashamed of walking with in the public and that guy is not you.

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