Ladies – Wedding hairstyles for the naturals


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I can only imagine your excitement and desire at this moment, the options of natural wedding hairstyles are limitless whether you are considering an up-do, twist or even dying out your hair.

Nevertheless the choices you make has to resonate because you must look your very best on your big day.

The option you have can be innocent, traditional, glamorous,elegant, romantic and so on and to bring this looks to existence your hair has to be styled in accordance with any option you go for.

Beautiful hair accessories, pins, clips etc can go a long way in bringing your wedding hairstyle to life.

Below are inspiring naturalist wedding hairstyles:

Perm Rod and Hair Accessories

You can achieve a limitless number of styles using the perm rods and hair accessories. This items help to give the look a very elegant and chic appeal. Many times they help achieve a distinct wavy pattern and adding the right hair accessories would help to achieve a stunning result.

Side Parts, Bun, Low Cut and Up-do

Kinky natural hair can be sophisticated and there are all kinds of ways you can achieve this look, either you pack it to the side, create a U shaped roll, keep it neat and simple in a bun, create gorgeous twist or maintain a lower bun. The contrast of any of this ways gives off an extremely beautiful appeal.

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Effortless and Wild

It takes a lot of guts and confidence to achieve this look, and less work i might add. The effortless and wild look depicts innocence. Take advantage of the volume and texture of your hair to achieve this effortlessly natural look. You may lift it up as a loose bun or just leave it wild.




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