Ladies Would You Propose To Your Man Or Have Him Do The Job? ?fashionstyle


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So your relationship status is due for an upgrade from girlfriend to fiance/wife, however your man doesn’t seem to be drifting towards your line of thought. For you time is ticking and at this point you’ve basically waited long enough. Would you propose to your boyfriend?


Clearly this is a yes or no question and we’ve got some reasons why you should and shouldn’t propose to your man to guide your decision

Why You Should
  • The feminist in us is asking ‘Why the heck not?!  Love is not restricted to gender roles, if your’e compatible then why wait for him to ask. Its not like you’d say no anyways.
  • Its quite cool to step out of tradition and exchange roles.It will definitely be a scene to remember for all witnesses

propose to your man

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  • Its the right step to ordering your life properly. If marriage is a subject on your table and you have a momentum you want to follow then you should take actions into your own hands
  • It will be the true depiction of taking a chance at love and moving the relationship forward. It’ll leave people saying “she knew what she wanted and she went for it.
why you should not
  • It might make your man feel inferior. Men generally like to be in control. Taking away their role may affect their sense of masculinity.
  • Making him go through the process of planning the perfect proposal will validate the chase. Don’t make everything too easy for him so hell cherish you even more.
propose to your man


  • It can come across as desperate. Not everyone buys into the idea of switching roles and in this situation may judge you as being to desperate and anxious.
  • You might be rushing him and not realize it. In the long run it might just come back and bite you in the butt.

We’d like to make it about you. So tell us, will you propose to your boyfriend if the opportunity presents itself? in the mean time, .’s how to secure that ring!




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