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Lady calls her brothers, army on boyfriend who flogged her for cheating (video)

A Nigerian lady who was maltreated by her boyfriend for allegedly cheating on him called her brothers on the young man.

Alongside her brothers who came to meet up with the boyfriend, were security personnels such as Police officers and Army.


As seen in the viral video currently making the rounds on internet, the security personnels walked into the young man’s house and stripped him of his clothes, and manhandled him, just as he did to his girlfriend.

However, the video started off with the moment the young man’s girlfriend was seen being flogged by the boyfriend.


Also, in the room, were the boyfriend’s close male friends, who held the girl’s hands and legs as the boyfriend took off her underwear to flog her mercilessly with a cain.

Watch video below.


Then, hours later, another video was posted on the internet and it shows when the girl’s brothers, alongside Nigerian security personnels were in the boyfriend’s house.

The boyfriend was seen sitting on the floor, with his clothes already removed by the security personnels, as one of them was captured punching him uncontrollably.


It’s obvious it didn’t get to the young man’s notice that the girlfriend will retaliate by calling on her brothers, and security personnels.

Watch the second video below.

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