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Lady insists she can’t date any man who doesn’t cater for all her needs (video) – FashionStyleng

A certain lady has come out to make it clear that she cannot date any man who isn’t ready to cater for all her needs.

Name unknown, this young lady stated this in a video, w. she made it seems like she’s out their to give ultimatum to any man who will be dating her in future.


She insisted that her man’s main obligation would be, looking after her, providing for all the things she needs, adding that a man, who doesn’t cater for her can’t expect her to go out and hear people say it’s her man who caters for her.

The lady also added that if a man cannot meet up to her expectations, she has to dismiss him.


She said, “I’m just tired of having to date a man who literally doesn’t care for my well-being. When I say wellbeing, it means someone who just literally care for my maintenance.

“I lookout for myself, I work hard, yes I know that, but when I’m with you, you should have that sense of maturity. That’s to say, you have to look after your woman. You have to spend for my needs. Cater for my needs.


“If I’m going out, cater for it. If I’m having a party, cater for it. You can’t expect me to go out, looking all good, looking all nice and people thinking, ‘ah it’s her man looking after her, sponsoring her’. Hll no, who the f*k is that man?

“I’m so done, if you can’t cater for me, if you can’t look after me, bye.”


Watch video below.


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