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Lagos Governor, Sanwo-Olu Reveals Why He Didn’t Visit Scene Of Ikoyi Building Collapse

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has revealed that he was on an official trip to Rome for G20 Summit when he heard about the collapse of a 21-storey building on Gerrard road, Ikoyi.


Lagos Governor, Sanwo-Olu Reveals Why He Didn't Visit Scene Of Ikoyi Building Collapse

The governor disclosed this while explaining why he did not visit the scene of the Ikoyi building collapse immediately after the incident occurred.

Speaking during his visit to the scene of the incident on Wednesday, Sanwo-Olu said he had to cut short his official trip to Rome for G20 Summit w. he was invited for a speaking engagement.


He said, “I think it’s important for me to let you know w. I have been in the last one-and-a-half days. I actually travelled out of Nigeria in the early morning of Sunday. I had to travel to Rome to attend the G20 Summit in Rome.

“T. was a side conference by the European Commission for African and Asia and I was invited to a speaking engagement and so we had engagement throughout Sunday night and also on Monday.


“Unfortunately, I was actually on the rostrum speaking on Monday when I got a call of what had happened . in Lagos and I had to turn back because I was also due to go to the COP26 Climate change conference w. I had a speaking engagement but we had to terminate and truncate that and made a turnaround back to Lagos.

“I was on site last night, straight from the airport and I was . for over two hours. Of course, an active rescue operation was ongoing and I encouraged all the men that were working because some of them had indeed been working for the last 12 hours and we had to create a clear chain of control and command – which is why you have some of the canopies that are out . now.


“And to have a clear process w. families, press, and the general public could get answers to questions they might have and we all can indeed learn from this moving forward.”

Sanwo Olu Speaks On Ikoyi Building Collapse

Speaking on the sad incident which has so far claimed 21 lives and left many families in misery, the ggovernor said “mistakes were made from all angles”.


He said, “Let me start by expressing my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of people that might have been involved in this very unfortunate, tragic, monumental national loss.

“This is an event that could be described as a clear national disaster. This is an event that one can say that indeed, mistakes were made from all angles and this is an event that truly, really, should not be happening in a modern-day city like Lagos.


“Secondly, I want to also thank and commend all of the first responders, the very gallant men, that have been . for almost two days now; that have also been working to see how they can bring as many survivors as possible.

“It’s been a very very difficult journey for all of them and our government is putting on record that we appreciate their work and we will continue to ensure that whatever needs to be done to get to the root cause of this will certainly be done.”


KanyiDaily had reported about the collapse of the 21-storey building on Gerrard road in Ikoyi on Monday, November 1. The rescue operation so far has accounted for 30 people – nine alive and 21 dead.


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