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It is no longer news that Agbada has evolved to become a unisex attire. This has long left the borders of Yoruba culture such that anyone, regardless of their tribe and social status, can don this attire. It is one ensemble that evokes class and style in a native way. If you are a lover of native attires and wearing native outfit is the next on your bucket list, in this article are the latest Agbada styles for men and women.

What is Agbada?

This is a Nigerian traditional attire that comprises an open-stitched flowing robe with wide sleeves, a long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of trousers (Sokoto). It is a three-piece attire.

 This piece which is among the native wears for Nigerian men and even women is usually decorated with embroidery in traditional patterns. It is known by various names in different languages. In Yoruba it is called Agbada, in Hausa it is called ‘Babban Riga‘, ‘Darra’a’ in Arabic and ‘Mbubb‘ in Wolof.

Back in the day, this attire was a ceremonial attire worn as a symbol of status. Its elaborate feature made it less of an everyday wear and only wealthy people wore it. Times have changed now, you and I can wear it, anytime, any day, whether you have one thousand five Naira or not.

How to Style Agbada

You can rock the latest Agbada styles with any accessories such as beads, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, wristwatch, etc. Your accessories don’t have to be the same colour as your attire but they should complement it.

Also, you should ensure that the wristwatch you choose to garnish your outfit with is either leather, silver or gold. Don’t wear a sport wristwatch while donning this outfit.

Banky W and his groomsmen rocking agbada during is traditional marriage in 2017Banky W and his groomsmen rocking agbada during is traditional marriage in 2017Banky W and his groomsmen rocking agbada during is traditional marriage in 2017
Banky W and his groomsmen rocking agbada during is traditional marriage in 2017

And t.’s no need for a belt since the trouser is usually tailored to fit snugly at your waist. Some come with drawstrings or adjustable straps by the side so you can always adjust to fit perfectly.

W. Can You Wear Agbada to?

lady rocking pink agbada outfitlady rocking pink agbada outfitlady rocking pink agbada outfit

This attire can be worn to worship centres, traditional marriages or any other traditional event. It’s a Nigerian native attire and as such, anytime you feel like you need to rep your country by wearing an indigenous outfit, this should be your best bet.

Latest Agbada Styles for Stylish African Men and Women

Now that we’ve given you a rundown on how best you can rock this attire, are you ready to see the latest Agbada styles to keep you looking stylish in an Afrocentric way? You sure are!

These days, many styles have been incorporated into the attire to give it a must-wear look all the time. To cap it all, every passing day, our fashion designers keep showing us irresistible styles to pick when sewing the attire. Similarly, our celebrities and influencers have done justice to showing us the latest ways to wear it too all in a bid to inspire us to opt for the attire.

If you want to make a bold fashion statement to an event, your best bet is to wear one of the latest Agbada styles. The outfit can make you a showstopper especially if it’s tailored perfectly.

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You don’t believe? Remember the attire Ebuka wore to the Wellington’s wedding back in 2017 that got everyone talking? Well, he wore this attire tailored by ace designer, Ugo Monye. Oh, now you believe!

Agbada doesn’t even stand a chance of being described as boring as it can be tailored to fit your body type. You can also make use of any material be it checkered, flowery or what have you to make your outfit. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your look.

Curated below are some of the latest Agbada styles to inspire you. Set to see the styles? Be sure to save anyone that catches your fancy.

1. Embroidered Agbada

This is the most common style. You can have your Agbada looking beautiful with ornate embroidery around it. This adds more details to the attire.

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