Law student claims other females are hating on her because of her good looks


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A law student says she is being picked on for looking stylish and  beautiful.She says women need to stop being critical of each other’s appearance – after claiming classmates started judging her for making too much effort.

First year Paula Ursu, 18, has only been at university for a few weeks, but says she is getting strange . and looks based on her appearance . 

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 She says she has been asked why she makes so much of an effort and that she gets looked down upon for wearing make-up, heels and doing her hair. Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, Paula said:

“People would say to me ‘oh you look dressed up for university’ and I would get strange looks from girls who then wouldn’t talk to me.In the beginning, I tried to explain myself, but now I just think it’s none of anyone’s business how I choose to look.”

Paula considers herself to be a feminist, and dresses well because it helps her stay focused. She said: “It doesn’t even take me that long to get ready, maybe 20 or 30 minutes

I wake up, shower, have breakfast and then try to pick out a new outfit every day, do my hair and make-up and that’s it. It’s just a ritual. “If I like the way I look I’m more confident and I work better. I do it for myself, not anyone else.” There’s already a lot of people who don’t treat women as equal and it’s sad when other women try to bring each other down.We should be empowering each other, and the way I dress makes me feel empowered.”

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