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Hi Damsels!

We know makeup is an attachment on the face, but it is bound to last in some cases. Take a scenario whereby you sweat all day or visit the pool. Come on! You still have to slay, no matter what.

Humidity and heat can ruin any girl’s day because those two combination are the catalyst for disaster. Thanks to humidity and heat we sweat of our makeup leaving our face in a mess. We’ve all been in this type of situation before and it’s not pleasant but before the temperatures rises this time, we suggest stocking up on a few key essentials;

A good sweat-proof foundation and concealer will definitely save face. Waterproof mascara and eye makeup is also a must. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror to find that your perfected cat eye is now halfway down your face. Waterproof or sweat-proof makeup or whatever name you decide to call it, is a must do for all of us. Usually, the waterproof makeup products are mostly used ..

Sweat-proof makeup

Hello World

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You simply have to go for products that won’t melt so as to achieve this. You can even wear it in the water and it will stay in place. How then do you achieve this special makeup?

Before you make any post-work patio plans or frolic around weekend music festivals, check out how you can successfully achieve the sweat-proof makeup.

 Watch this video on how to do the sweat-proof makeup;

.: YouTube | Jocelyn Partee

You can even go into shower with this, just to prove that this is indeed sweat-proof or waterproof. They are simply the best for you, as you are sure to slay ll day!

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