Learn How To Treat Acne For Dry Skin With These 5 Tips!Fashion Style

Knowing how to treat acne for dry skin can be quite frustrating. Using common ingredients like salicylic acid to dry out your acne could end us stripping your skin of its natural oils. This leaves your skin dehydrated, flaky and still full of acne.
Learn How To Treat Acne On Dry Skin With These 5 Tips!

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However, the right combination can be a winning recipe to making sure your skin is acne free.

First, you have to determine if you really have acne. Not that we don’t believe you, but knowing how to treat acne for dry skin can be complicated. Sometimes, the inflammation you see could simply be your skin reacting to how dry it is.

To figure this out, simply stop whatever treatment you are currently on and watch the inflammation over 2 days. If they appear to be reducing, then your skin is just irritated. Apply generous amounts of hydrating products and everything will be peachy.

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But if the inflammation still appears fresh and thriving, the. These tips will definitely help;

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1. The key is to balance hydration with anti-inflammatory and gentle exfoliating ingredients

Because of your skin’s dryness, you need as much hydration as possible. Using a moisturizing exfoliator would work great to replenish the skin and remove dead skin cells.

2. Use gentle ingredients that specialize in soothing inflammation

Calming the inflammation would go a long way in reducing the chances of broken skin and eventual acne scarring.

3. Buy products that contain Centella Asiatica

This ingredient is key to making sure you target both the inflammation and healing of scars.

Learn How To Treat Acne On Dry Skin With These 5 Tips!

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4. Stop rigorous anti-acne treatment

It is possible your current acne treatment is making the acne worse. Take a break, watch how your skin reacts to the products you’re currently using. If you notice your skin gets really dry after using your current product, stop using it and switch to something more nourishing.

5. Limit your treatments to once a day

You never want to overwork dry skin because it could have bad consequences. Take breaks and days off to give your skin time to maintain moisture and heal at the same time.

These are just 5 tips that show how to treat acne for dry skin. Trust us, there’s more where those came from. See how else we can help with your dry skin. And don’t forget to share your acne treating tips with us. You can’t slay alone nah?!





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