Lessons from The Message: dangers of Impulsive behaviour by Joyce meyer


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These are what i learnt from joyce message on dangers of impulsive behaviors, i hope it help you deal those nasty habits that makes one’s life miserable. i will advice to watch the video too. which i will put below this post.
Topic: Dangers of impulsive behaviors. 

Isia 61:1-3
We need to learn to manage our emotions,not let them control us.

Anger is an emotion. It is a huge problem(James 1:20: for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God..ESV).

We should be slow to speak,quick to hear and slow to a anger.

We are never going to be happy,if we have to have the answers to everything.
We have a great privilege of trusting God.

God will give you the strength to go through problems,so you can bless others with the word of God and the testimony of your life.

Trusting God is a choice.

Do not be mad at God and yourself,or people.

You have to forgive yourself and love yourself. Your relationship with you and God is the foundation for all your other relationships. If you don’t get along with you,you won’t get along with other people.

Talk to God about what you are going through and he will help you through it.
(Ephe 4:26-27: Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.)

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If you are angry towards someone who hurt you, the best thing you can give,is forgive them. It is not about doing them a favor but doing yourself a favor, because you are setting yourself free.

It is time to take a stand for your own life and let God give you what Jesus died for you to have. Salvation.
Eccle 7:9
Prov 22:24
If you don’t control your anger, you have sinned.

Feelings are unreliable. Today they are up and tomorrow they are down.
Don’t live by your feeling. Decide how to act and don’t let your feelings decide that for you.

Self pity is an addiction, having the last word is an addiction. 
The more humility you have in your life,the more you really don’t care about who is right .

PS 131:1-3

Freedom is not getting everything you want,freedom is being able to be happy when you don’t get what you want.


We need to live deeper and not be so shallow. 
Luke 5:1-6
Let our lives be led by God, going deeper means we stop doing stuffs by how we feel and what we see.

We must be educated by the truth. Jesus is the way and the truth.