Lies Your Man Will Tell You When He Is In Love With You


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Every woman must know about lies that love bombing men tell. Are you wondering what love bombing is? Well, it is nothing but an act of showering lots of love in an attempt to trap someone in a relationship. Some men do this to lock their victims in their relationships. In fact, this mind control love bombing technique is used in all kinds of relationships but this article focusses more on its usage in romantic relationships.

When a man demonstrates love and affection in a lavish way in order to overwhelm the girl, then it’s a warning sign of mind control love bombing. Some men use this method in order to get the girl in their arms faster. Once the woman falls in love, they start displaying their abusive patterns and enjoy sadistic pleasure. Now that you are clear with love bombing definition, let us move on to the topic of how to detect such qualities in men.

To be precise, it is very hard to detect whether your man is genuinely in love with you or just love bombing you. Why? Well, we all crave for love and when someone showers loads of love on us, why would we even try to analyse the reasons? We would love to fall in love with such people. But hold on. First know about love bombing definition and then know about the ways to tell whether your man is a love bomber.

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Here are 5 lies that love bombing men tell:

I haven’t seen a more beautiful woman in my life. This would be the first lie that men tell when they wish to trap women. Of course, women feel good when men praise their beauty. But don’t get carried away! Wait for some time.

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No other woman could understand me like you did. This lie would get him some sympathy from you. A woman might feel special when she learns that she is the only woman to understand a man’s feelings. Don’t get flattered. It is not your duty to understand any man unless he gives his life to you.

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You are the centre of my universe: This is the biggest lie men tell. They want women to feel special. Of course, after knowing that a man is madly in love and is willing to do anything for you, it would be very difficult to put aside your emotions and rationally analyse the man’s real intentions. Of course, men want to cloud the minds of women before they derive their ultimate pleasure. Test his love in all possible ways.

Life without you is not worth living: If you are a clever woman, you must smell the fish if any man utters such a lie. But if such a lie appeals to you, then it means that you have deeper cravings for love and some unmet emotional needs. Realise that it is one of those lies that love bombing men tell. In this selfish world, no one will die for anyone else. So, go slow with him.

Please marry me or I shall die: This is emotional blackmail; but if you are feeling happy that a man is ready to die for your love, then you are kidding yourself. It is time to grow up. Understand his love bombing psychology first. It’s a trap! Even if you wish to marry him, think again. Love bombing relationships are draining in later stages.

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What if a man with genuine feelings utter the same words? Well, the main difference between love relationships and love bombing relationships is the intensity. Also, the timing matters. Generally, love bombers start showing overwhelming love in the first encounter itself. True love happens gradually and gracefully. On the contrary, a love bomber tries too hard to impress you fast. You will understand that he wants ‘something’ from you quite soon.

If the man constantly calls you, texts you or mails you every now and then, it means that he wants your attention badly. It is better to wait for your true love instead of falling prey to a love bomber who turns out to be an emotional vampire. Beware of these lies that love bombing men tell.

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