Life isn’t About The Perfections, A MUST READ


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We are looking for perfections, the perfect kiss, the perfect first dance, the perfect man or woman, but we all know that there is nothing like perfections but yet we want it.

Perfection is subjective and what we see as perfect today may look creepy tomorow, that’s  why when you were 15 and a guy or a girl sent you little notes or follow you on social media,just to get your number and to know you better, seems sweet and romantic. If he tells you your favorite colour,foods or know your friends from your social media account, it makes him look like he is paying attention to you but after you grow older, into your 20s, if a guy tries that, he is creepy and most likely a stalker and need to be checked properly by a police.

In movies, the boy comes to your window at night, throwing stones at the window to get your attention or brings a radio with him to . your favorite song to get your attention and that is considered sweet and perfect but in real life if a guy comes to my window to do such a thing and wake me up after my very long day and all I want is sleep, he will get himself behind bars because I dont . with my sleep.
So the truth is that, the idea of perfection is a fairy tale like the movies.

It is the little imperfect things that makes the worlds interesting,  a world full of perfect things will be very boring. Imagine a world where everyone have to eat one slice of pizza with fork and knife and no talking while eating this pizza, in fact you have to eat it on the dinning table, not in front of the tv because that is the right way to do it, it will be very boring and please, one slice of pizza, thats is murder.
We all know that,if you are going to eat pizza, eat it well, eat it to your satisfaction with all the yummy toppings and it taste better In front of the tv…lol, by the way; I love pizza.

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Our lives are full with little imperfections and that is what makes life interesting and fun. So let’s celebrate the imperfect things life throws at us, let’s appreciate the ability to get angry when our love ones offends us. Some people never gets that chance to be upset because they are in coma. So,Let’s appreciate the ability to love,smile,cry, to be sad, and as much imperfect things that we encounter because,  those things makes us humans.

Have a great day.

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