LIVINCOOL’s Gradient Collection: Color Of Change To Receive All Profit

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Two things I really love? Cute loungewear and racial equality. Finally, I’ve found a way to combine the two. It was just announced that 100% of profits from LIVINCOOL’s The Gradient Collection will benefit Color Of Change, and as a fan of the brand’s fashion-forward sweats and the organization’s dedication to fighting injustice, I’m more than pleased at the news.

Of course, you should first spend your coin donating to anti-racism organizations, supporting Black entrepreneurs and shopping Black-owned fashion brands, but if you see a brand like LIVINCOOL stepping up and donating their profits as well, treat yourself and give back in the process. “LIVINCOOL’s mission is to embrace diversity—we cannot tolerate any form of racism,” the brand’s founder, photographer Emanuele D’Angelo, captioned a post on Instagram. “What has happened in the last few days has left us struggling for words—but we feel it’s important for us, as a brand and as a community, to take a strong stand, helping us all to come together and take on this fight for our values as human beings,” the caption continued.

If you’re more familiar with LIVINCOOL than Color Of Change, allow me to wax poetic on the latter organization’s incredible work. Color Of Change is the the largest online racial justice organization in the United States, with over 1.7 million members—you can sign up to join right now, or go donate directly on their site. COC focus largely on ending money bail, stopping prison expansion and prison labor exploitation, implementing fair sentencing and decriminalizing poverty, among other powerful initiatives.

LIVINCOOL’s The Gradient Collection is a more elevated take on 2020’s tie-dye loungewear trend, utilizing a dip-dyed fade approach rather than traditional tie-dye’s sporadic splotches. To shop the collection and support Color Of Change, check out the LIVINCOOL site or shop our top picks below.

1. Wavy Gradient Crop Hoodie in Yellow/Pink

STYLECASTER | livincool gradient collection color of change



The Wavy Gradient Crop Hoodie in Yellow/Pink gives serious summer sunset vibes, and as a shortie myself, I’m personally partial to the cropped silhouette. Pair it with high-waisted denim cutoffs or your go-to sweatpants or leggings!

2. Wavy Gradient Hoodie in Pink/Blue

STYLECASTER | livincool gradient collection color of change


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If you like your sweatshirts long and baggy, though, the Wavy Gradient Hoodie in Pink/Blue will be more your speed. The cotton candy swirl color scheme gives me Trix Yogurt vibes in all the right ways. Just me?


3. Wavy Gradient Puffy Shirt In Red/Purple

STYLECASTER | livincool gradient collection color of change


Already well-stocked on hoodies? Grab a tee instead! The Wavy Gradient Puffy Shirt In Red/Purple is a gorgeous pick, not to mention a super soft one at that. LIVINCOOL’s quality is on par with the best in the biz.


4. Wavy Gradient Crop Tee in Yellow/Pink

STYLECASTER | livincool gradient collection color of change


Last but not least, another cropped option to pique my interest. The Wavy Gradient Crop Tee in Yellow/Pink has similar vibes to the Crop Hoodie, but the short sleeves make it a better pick for a hot summer day.


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