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Lyft Driver Kicks Racist Couple Out of His Car – FashionStyleng

Lyft Driver Kicks Racist Couple Out of His Car


A Lyft driver wasn’t about to allow a racist couple into his vehicle — getting in a nasty back and forth with the two — before ultimately giving them the boot.

According to the driver, the whole thing went down outside a bar called Fossils Last Stand in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. He says the ride was for a woman named “Jackie” who allegedly owns the bar.


The video is intense, you first see “Jackie” enter the vehicle, shocking the driver when she says, “You’re like a white guy. You’re like a normal guy, you speak English.” The driver then let her know he was canceling the ride, telling her how inappropriate the comment was.

That’s when the woman’s male friend enters the picture, escalating things, and telling the driver he should punch him in the face.


The driver calls the couple racist, and in turn, the man calls the driver a “n*****-lover.”

The driver says he’s filed a police report for the violent threat the man made against him, but t. have not yet been any arrests made.



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