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Small boobs are totally great (no back pains and you can even go out braless) until you want to wear an outfit with a marked bust area. See wahala!

You become more conscious of your girls and how they appear in clothes when you are small boobed. We promise however you won’t need to over assess clothes when you can make your bust look bigger after following our instructions!

Read on:

The Right Bra
make your bust look bigger

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First things first, make sure you know your proper bra size because ill-fitting bras will only give you more problems. The types of bra you should opt for are snug bras, seamed bras, strapless bra, low plunge bras, demi-bras and push up bras. They lift your bust; make you comfortable and give it a fuller, more natural look.

make your bust look bigger

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Good posture has a positive impact not just on your physique but on how your bust looks. Endeavor to keep your posture straight and upright. In other to make your bust look bigger, avoid hunching or slouching as it makes your bust look smaller. Practice posture exercises and press ups as they make your chest muscles tighter and give your chest a larger look.

Fitted and Horizontal clothes
make your bust look bigger

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Fitted clothes pinch at the waist to make it smaller and give you an hourglass figure which makes your breast look bigger. A high waist skirt or cinched dress also gives you the same look. Avoid flowing dresses or blouses as they make your bust appear smaller.

Clothes with horizontal stripes make your bust look wider and bigger. Thicker lines give a better result than thinner lines. Ruffled blouse, beaded dresses and textured designs also add weight to your bust for a bigger look.

Long Accessories
make your bust look bigger

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Long accessories that fall between your breasts make the chest area the focal view. Wear chains with pendants, necklaces, chest brooch and medallions with your outfit as they give the bigger bust illusion.

Less is more
make your bust look bigger

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Cleavage baring clothes like low-cut V necks or tight tube dresses only make your bust appear flatter. Less revealing clothes give the impression of larger boobs. A little loose high necked shirt is best for you. Tight clothing is a no no as it emphasizes the size of your boobs!

We assure you that following these tips will definitely make your bust look bigger. And if you still think you are unlucky because you have small boobs, check out these reasons why small boobs rule!




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