Making Love To Your Self: 5 Strong Benefits of Mas turbation – Why You Are Missing Out


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A couple or more days ago, a female friend asked me if I could hook her up with a vi brator and my immediate question was “what in the name of Satan do you need that piece of sweetness for”.

Though I knew the plausible was she using it to plea sure herself, I was a bit skeptical talking about such a thing with her and I am not even about to lash myself with blames for my reluctance.

She however did not waste time to slam insults down my way and I have since been looking for a s*x store down here to get one for her but it has proven difficult.

There are a lot of topics you dare not discuss in this part of the world—mas turbation is high up on that list.

The men are courageously discussing it openly and a lot of them are beginning to admit they do it. The ladies however shy away from the topic when it comes up.

The death stares I get whenever I bring mast urbation into our discussions is enough to discourage anyone from ever talking about it. Me being me with my love for open s*x talk, I always find one way or the other to bring it up.

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Who needs a dull s*xual encounter when you can have you to yourself. Do with you as you please and cum like there’s no tomorrow. Guaranteed orgasm is exactly what mast urbation offers.

Plus the added benefits of knowing what pleases you so you can direct the next willing victim of your s*xual escapades (body count on fleek, wink, wink).

Reading around, I chanced upon this article on mast urbation and the benefits that come with the act. Truth be told I didn’t know it came with benefits.

Just imagine doing something to your own self and benefiting from it as well, how cool can that be?

Flip next to read on the benefits.

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