Man Applies For Custody Of His Wife’s Breast As Part Of Divorce Settlement


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A divorcing man identified as Simon Williams, while applying for his divorce settlement, stated that his wife can have their house while he wants custody of her breasts.

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According to the reports, which is currently trending on Twitter, Simon Williams wants his wife’s breasts as a parting divorce settlement gift, placing his demand as one of the most absurd in the history of divorce settlement.

Simon Williams described his wife’s breasts as an item of great sentimental value and with that in his custody, he would happily give up any claim over the house for full custody.

A divorce settlement, which is an arrangement, adjustment, or other understanding reached, as in financial or business proceedings between two adults who have chosen to renounce their marriage divorce, serves as the final legal agreement between these adults for documenting the terms of their divorce.

It is the last agreement between divorcees, after which a comeback is impossible. However, anything demanded by any of a couple is subject to be considered for acceptance and approval by the party in question.

However, people usually request for things like child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, and hardly a part of the partner’s body.

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Simon has also promised to give up the car as well in return for access at weekends.

He said:

“Those breasts have been with me through thick and thin; a rock in times of needs and a pillow in times of comfort. My quality of life will decline substantially if I lose custody.”

“It’s actually ironic. Considering one of the reasons I’m getting divorced at all is because I said I’d like her breasts custody.”

The soon to be ex-wife of Simon, however, rejected the request, saying that his failure to grant her exclusive possession of his ‘bits and bobs’ during their marriage undermined his position.

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The case is still under hearing and the lawyers have suggested that they both put a hold on the breasts until they come to a mutual agreement.


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