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Many react as lady preaches at airport, asks people to accept Jesus Christ

T. have been mixed .s after a lady was captured preaching the gospel on public ground at an international airport.

The young lady was recorded preaching to passengers, passersby, and staff at the airport, and many online presence didn’t find it appealing.While telling people to accept Jesus, she narrated how Jesus saved her after she attempted suicide, twice.she could be seen walking around the airport lobby and preaching repentance directly to people who were waiting.Stating her life-changing experience, she ascertained that since she became born-again, her life has never been the same.Speaking further, she urged people to accept Jesus into their lives, explaining that if they do, they will experience everlasting joy.Sharing the video, a Twitter user said; ”Our girl preached in the airport on our way home from our mission trip and she proclaimed passionately, full of the Spirit and love! This is how we catch flights”Watch the video below; netizens, however, exerted their distaste as they noted that she may be making non-Christians uncomfortable, while others stressed that it is actually a good thing to win souls for Christ.Take a look at some of the .s below;@natlawyerchic; Please stop this. It’s annoying. These people did not come to the airport to be preached to and it’s totally disrespectful of people who have other religious beliefs.@KingBeauregard; I’ve been Catholic. I’m not particularly religious now. The only expression of religious faith I pay any attention to is how well people take care of their fellow man; nothing else even matters. Big showy dis.s like this — which Jesus denounced BTW — are 100% about ego.@heylvlvhey; If someone from any other religion was doing this they’d probably be detained and questioned for the next 8 hours.@samadejube; I love this… Jesus, everyw. and in every space.@ShaeMill; If a Muslim started chanting from the Quran it would be a completely different . so NO.@NerdPyle; Let me know the next time you fly so I can spend the time telling you passionately about atheism and how christianity is largely a tax dodge con run by pedophiles and misogynists@matthewrayner; This ain’t it. Same as the viral video of the guy worshipping on a plane.Become proximate with people, build relationships, create a sense of belonging and then the desire to understand and believe the message will come. To many this is just noise… we can do better.@RealDonaldDoo; If Kizz Daniel performed ., I’m not sure a lot of people . will have a problem with it, but .’s someone doing their thing and it’s a problem. Is t. a gun to anyone’s head to receive Jesus Christ ?@chrisbetravelin; Yall ignore racism, karens in the airport, climate change and so on. Put your headphones in and ignore this too if u dont want to listen. “Im atheist, im this im that” good for you. IGNORE. Go on abt your day@AbelUndercity; Because what I need when I’m tired and weary with travel is some stranger imposing her religious views on the terminal. I can’t leave because I’m waiting on my flight. She found peace through God? Good for her. I’ll find peace when she reads Matthew 6:5.@weirdfigs; you can tell this is not an effective method of preaching by the fact that all the positive .s . are from people who already believe the same as you@JLO_33; People who criticize the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus should know it comes from a place of love. Finding Jesus is finding what you all have been longing for all your lives in places that leave you empty. We share because it’s a treasure too good to keep just to ourselves.@kuhljeanie; Hi! Jew .. You think that we follow our faith and not yours because we haven’t been yelled at enough? Just like you, we are good in our faith. It’s just not yours. Do you get how disrespectful this is?


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