Married Folks Wake Up: 6 Seemingly Harmless Things That Could Ruin Your Marriage


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Trouble comes in marriage, there is no escaping it. However, some things can be prevented if you safeguard your marriage by keeping the windows and doors of your relationship closed.

Do not allow anyone or anything sneak in because if you do, they will rob you of your trust towards each other, love towards one another and your overall peace of mind.

How can you do this?

First you need to recognize any potential threat to your marriage. For instance, a threat could be any of the following:

1. Other men/women.
Is another man/woman tempting you? So called harmless flirting with someone of the opposite s*x can lead you down a road that you cannot come back from. Instead, close that door by avoiding situations and/or the people that will tempt you.

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2. Negative influences of friends.
You may have a friend that mistreats his/her spouse or a friend that parties a lot. If you are not careful, you may find yourself doing the very same thing. Instead, close that window by recognizing any negative influence and/or separating yourself from that person.

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3. Meddling Parents.
Draw boundaries with your folks if they are always in your business. If your parents are constantly involved in your marriage, you won’t learn how to be married to your spouse and you run the risk of losing your spouse if you are not careful. Close that window by respectfully telling your parent/parents that you and your spouse will handle the marriage.

You may think you have all the doors closed and locked because none of the above situations apply to you. But have you checked your windows? Is there one open? Open windows can be subtle. You may have never even thought about it causing a problem in your relationship. Trouble can sneak in a window and still cause damage just as much as an open door. Some things you may want to check are:

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4. Your job.
Are you spending unnecessary time away from your spouse? Your spouse may start to feel neglected and that feeling can cause him/her to look to someone else for attention. Close that window by leaving work when work is done and try not to bring it home with you if possible.

5. Your hobbies.
Are your hobbies pulling you away from your spouse? It’s cool to have an interest in something, but if it doesn’t allow you to spend enough quality time together, there is a window of opportunity for one or both of you to stray. Close that window by discovering a hobby that interests both of you, or balance your attention between your spouse and your hobby.

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6. Yourself.
Is there any behavior you need to change? Are you doing something that you know your spouse doesn’t like? If there is some type of behavior you are aware of that can harm your relationship, close that window by making an effort to change it.

Recognize and change those things that may prove harmful to your relationship. You want to keep your marriage air tight and not allow anything or anyone to jeopardize it. Once everything has checked out, periodically do a walk-through of your marriage with your spouse to ensure its safety.

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