Master The Art of Palm Reading to Create Deep Attraction

Palm reading is an ancient mystical practice, and probably not the first thing that comes to mind when attracting a woman. Believe it or not, women are deeply influenced by this and its practice has been traced back 5,000 years or more.

Contrary to what you may have heard, this whole procedure is more than just looking at the lines on her hand. Let’s delve into the basics of this technique and how you can use it to pick up women.

1. The Basics of Palm Reading

A) The Hands

The size, shape and structure of her hands say a lot about her personality and her desires.

  • Intuitive – These hands have long fingers and a thin palm. This indicates that she’s emotional and sensitive. To put it simply, she is not a logical person. You can attract her simply by playing on her emotions. She’s probably very interested in spirituality and the occult.
  • Outdoor – These have short fingers and a square hand. This is a woman who loves to spend her time outdoors. She is physical and sometimes impatient, but emotionally stable. Family is important to her and she’s practical.
  • Dynamic – These have short fingers and a long hand. Women with dynamic ones are excellent communicators and social. She likes to have fun, needs a challenge and lives a fast life. She’s easily excitable and incredibly charismatic. Ladies with this type of hand, are incredible lovers and pure romantics. They enjoy physical activity and can get bored easily.
  • Creative – These have long fingers and a square palm. This is the hand of an intelligent girl with a sharp and quick mind. She needs stimulation on an intellectual level and is always on the hunt for a new experience. She’s extroverted, fun, talented and a great person to have a conversation with.
  • Knotted – hands have noticeably knotty fingers and knuckles. This lady is philosophical and an idealist. She seeks out knowledge and the truth. She can be critical at times and distant emotionally. She’s often logical and over analytical.

B) Major Palm Lines

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Reading her palm lines can help you spark up conversation and make a connection with her. We can’t go into great detail about how to read each one, but you can find an excellent guide on reading these lines here.

There are three key lines that you want to concentrate on: The heart, life and head.

  • Heart – It is where all of her love issues are revealed. The heart line is located at the top of her palm and is the first major one you’ll see.
  • Head – It is just beneath the heart line and begins on the side of her hand closest to her thumb. It indicates her ability to think rationally and is considered the “career” line.
  • Life – This one is just beneath the head line and also extends from the side of her palm closest to her thumb. Most people assume that this indicates the length of their life, but really it’s supposed to indicate how much you live life.

2. How to Read Her Palm Without Coming off As a Creep

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Now that you understand the basics of reading palms, how can you actually use this new skill to pickup women? The answer should be quite obvious. You can play on the information you gather from her to create a connection and try to spark up a conversation.

In order to bring up the idea of giving her a reading, you want to make your new skill a part of another story. You don’t want to start the conversation with “Hey, I know how to read palms. Can I read yours?” It will sound like a line, and a cheesy one at that. If you can bring up the idea of palm reading in a subtle way during your discussion, you’ll probably get her on board with it. The great thing about this is that it puts her in a vulnerable position.

You shouldn’t take advantage of her vulnerability, but take the opportunity to build up trust and bond with her. When she extends her hand to you, it’s almost as if she’s laying all of the cards on the table and letting you read them.

When she gives you her hand, be playful about it and grab her attention. Maybe make a playful scared face and say, “Oh God! I can’t read you.” This will get her intrigued and have her asking you why you can’t do it. She’ll be wondering what you saw and you’ll pique her curiosity.

When you’re reading her palm, try to ask her questions about the traits you notice. Instead of just saying “You’re a curious person,” ask her what things in her life stir up her curiosity. Basically, you want to notice something about her palm, ask her about it, let her explain it (she’ll share a mini-story about it), and then you can relate her experience to your own.

Before you know it, you’ve made a connection, shared a few smiles and used a woman’s hand to land a date.


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