Match Your Lingerie; 3 Simple And Sexy Ways To Match Your Lingeriefashionstyle


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Donning a coordinating set of lingerie under our clothes boosts our confidence and mood, especially in the presence of our significant other.

When you match your lingerie, it shows your taste in underthings. Sadly, not many of us have sufficient time to pick out coordinating pieces (Sigh, this baby girl life is hard o!)

In order to eliminate worries about what you are wearing underneath, we would show you how to make those pieces at home match.

Solids and Patterns
match your lingerie

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Floral or printed pattern panties greatly complement solid bra tops.  To match your lingerie, simply find a matching colour in a pattern and pair and bam! Sexy mama! For example, a red patterned panty will go well with a solid red. T. are many options to . with and the same strategy can be reversed.

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Similar Colours
match your lingerie

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Top selling colours in lingerie are usually white, black and nude. Everyone has one of these colours at least. But if you happen to be adventurous with lingerie colours, then you have great pieces to complement each other. Pieces of the same hue can be easily matched.  Remember that they don’t have to be the exact shade, so, your bras can make a matching pair with other shades of a colour.

Trim Colours
match your lingerie

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Another way of utilizing colours in seeking pieces is to match trim colours. If your blue bra has a contrasting red lace trim, finding a panty in similar shade of red provides a viable option. Which means you can rock that bra with its accompany panty or the fitting alternative. Either way, you have a variety.

So guys, it really does not take much to have a sexy matching pair of lingerie. And, you can even wear them outside the bedroom. Yes! Click . to see how.





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