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There’s no denying the fact that matte lipsticks are the ish… Really i’d rather a matte lipstick anytime any-day and that’s because it stays for such a long time and I don’t have to touch it up every minute and second of the day. Well not everybody can swear to a long-lasting matte lipstick I mean some people can’t even keep it for more than 2 hrs. Well if you are like that and you feel that you need it to last long without drying your lips then these are the steps you should follow;

First Step: Matte formulas always cling to and enhances the dry patches on your, with a warm cloth gently and in a circular motion buff off any dead skin from your lips.

Second Step: Before you start your full makeup apply a liberal amount of lip balm, this would soften your lips before you start working on them. (Note when its time blot out the excess with a tissue)

Third Step: Okay there’s being talk about its necessity but lets face it Lip Primer makes a lot of difference, it fills in the fine lines and makes the surface extra smooth so swipe a little on your lips.

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Fourth Step: Yes, its time to apply the matte lipstick of your choice, stick to one even layer if you can because matte lipsticks can become sticky if too much is used.

Fifth Step: Clean up your mistakes with concealer, make sure to blend it in correctly.

Matte Lipstick

Yes, the effort prior to application looks like a lot but trust me when I say you are better for it.


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