Matters Arising: Lil Kesh’s Depreciating Lyrics


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Matters Arising: Lil Kesh’s Depreciating Lyrics


Blogger Calliope sent this piece in about Lil Kesh and his depreciating lyrics. Read on to see if you agree with her.

Lyrically was Lil Kesh’s coming out song and with guns blazing, he was indeed a YBNL solider, not just figuratively but literarily he marched forward and shocked people with dope lyrics, making fans and foes along the way. He followed that hit with the dance anthem Shoki and not only did the song go viral, its accompanying dance step went viral also. Then came the Shoki remix which featured a bit of sexual content. This was enough to make people know that Kesh was no longer a small boy. He had matured and he meant business. His next song Gbese was a hit. The raw lyrics made me realise that Lil Kesh was getting more and more explicit.

After the release of Ladi off the Olamide and Phyno Album 2 Kings which he featured on, he officially became the recent King of explicit content. As if that was not enough, he released Efejoku which featured lyrics that would make any parent cringe. With the release of this song, Kesh also confirmed the low level of effort put into making his music. He had become a ‘same tune, same lyrics’ artiste.

His recent effort Is It Because I Love You ft Patoranking prompted this article. And surprise surprise, it had the same overused lyrics about sex. The thing about singing about sex is that the listener quickly becomes tired, especially when it’s a club song.

Lil Kesh seems to be oblivious to this. It was fun to listen to Gbese but now, listening to his lyrics about sex is becoming old. Musicians sing about other things like love, which has different components like heart break, true love, and unreciprocated love. These are materials all from the same theme, but for sex, it’s just a one way street and I hope he realises this in time because even his label owner Olamide mixes up his lyrical content. For example, he went from Story for the gods (Explicit) to a Shakitibobo (conscious music) to Melo Melo (love song) to Lagos Boys (feel good jam).

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Why can’t Lil Kesh just take a cue from him?

Another important question is how did Lil Kesh go from been lyrically fit to being unlyrically balanced? Will he find his way back or just wait till we finally can’t take the same ol’ nonsense he spews out in the name of lyrics anymore? Only time would tell.

This article was written by Calliope. Calliope is an in the closet OAP, Media lover, Muse, Literature enthusiast, PR consultant and blogger. She blogs at

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