Meet Nigerian Hair Specialist Who Keeps Over 22 Inches Natural Hair


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Natural hair is the new Brazilian hair as more Nigerian ladies embrace the afro hair trend. Omolade Salami, an afro hair specialist and blogger speaks about her journey through grooming one of the longest natural afro hairs you’ve seen in a long while.

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In an interview with Bella Naija, Omolade Salami takes us through her world of afro-textured hair.

“I am a hair care consultant, educator and blogger. You can imagine the puzzled looks I get when I tell people what I do. It is certainly a far cry from my days studying law and working in the legal sector. I decided four years ago to turn my passion into my career and I haven’t looked back since.

“I started by creating my hair care website, I later obtained a Diploma in Afro Hair Care from the London Hair Institute. I create customised hair care plans for my clients who are mostly in Nigeria but thanks to Skype, I have international clients too.”

Popularly called Lade, the naturalista talks about how to take care of both relaxed, natural hair and semi-relaxed hair [texlaxed hair]. According to Lade, her natural hair texture is 4c, it is waist length when dry and almost tailbone length when it’s wet.

“I started my hair journey seven-years ago in 2009 so I feel like a veteran,” she said. “Desperation is what led to me starting my hair journey. Prior to my hair journey, my relaxed hair was usually shoulder length and a bit damaged from poor hair care habits. But I loved hair generally and I especially loved my hair even at that point.

“Randomly I began experiencing severe breakage and thinning in 2008. I could literally pull out clumps of hair and I had patches that only had one or two inches of hair left. Fear gripped me. I thought “Lade you are going bald, your hair shakara days are numbered.

“The hair loss persisted for several months and I looked for help and advice to no avail. My best friend suggested that I watch some black hair care videos on YouTube and my hair life was never the same. After 3 months of extensive research I started my hair journey and now have healthy hair and a new career to show for it.”

Natural hair journey

Omolade Salami #bnfrofriday_IMG_20140627_153512_bellanaija

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“In the first one and half years of my hair journey, I trimmed off 2 to 3 inches every four months. I eventually got rid of the damaged length and my hair growth really took off after that. Currently, I wash my hair every 10 to 14 days and I make sure my hair is well moisturized in between my wash days. 

“I use Cream of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo, Vitale Olive Oil and Motions Moisture Plus deep conditioners. My leave-in conditioners are Cantu Shea Butter or Herbal Essence Leave-In conditioners. I have recently fallen in love with Grapeseed Oil but I use Olive and Coconut Oils for various purposes like hot oil treatments and scalp massages.”

Omolade Salami #bnfrofriday_IMG_20151011_011733_bellanaija

When asked if she has special genes for long hair, Lade replied saying, she doubts. She said her hair length and health is definitely a result of hair care practices because it is still the same genes she has now that she had when her former hair was damaged and short.

Lade also reveals that she has not fully relaxed her hair, it has only been texlaxed and she does that every five to six months using Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) No base relaxer. She mixes 3 quarters of her relaxer with 2.5 teaspoons of olive oil.

Lade advises that relaxers should not be used more than once every 3 months so it does not break the hair. She also advised that extensions and relaxers are not suitable for use on children as their scalp is not strong enough to withstand the weight and tension of extensions or the effects of chemicals.

. here about Lade’s routine hair care and how to keep your hair healthy.


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