Meet Nigeria’s Ambassador of Peace Who Lives Under the Bridge


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Sani Ibrahim is a physically challenged, self-acclaimed Ambassador of Peace in Nigeria, who lives under a bridge in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

He chose to be different unlike most people in similar condition, who resort to begging. Sani Ibrahim moves around major streets in Abuja with a message of peace and religious tolerance rather than cause a nuisance of himself.

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Born in Kano, the young man was affected by polio as a child and has some defect in his legs. However, he owns a tricycle which he acquired 10-years ago and which enables him travel around spreading the message of peace to different parts of the city.

Sani Ibrahim and his tricycle

Sani Ibrahim

“I got this tricycle about 10 years ago from some Lebanese who came to my village in Kano”, Ibrahim told Pulse senior associate,Goodness Adaoyiche.

“It has been my leg since then. I even travelled from Kano to Kaduna and then Abuja with the tricycle”, Ibrahim said in smattering English.

Ibrahim’s determination to remain exceptional and his love for Nigeria influenced his dress sense. His shirts, trousers and shoes always show loyalty to Nigeria as he keeps flagging green and white. According to Sani Ibrahim, this as an avenue for him to deliver his message of peace to all who care to listen.

Sani Ibrahim

Sani Ibrahim

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The sports . was also a power lifter at the FCT Unity Para-soccer Club at Old Parade Ground, Area 10, Abuja. He alleged that leaders of the club embezzled funds meant for the athletes, stating that members who could not feed themselves ended up as street beggars. Sani had to leave the club to make a living.

“I was a power lifter but left because of the massive corruption there. Our leaders embezzled the funds meant for all of us.

“Some months ago, a philanthropist donated N500,000 to about 28 members of the club. The coach gave only three people N500 and used the rest to buy a personal car.

“Even when former President Goodluck Jonathan gave us some money, the leaders just shared it among themselves and left others to beg at night clubs so as to avoid being arrested by task force officials during the day,” Ibrahim said.

He lamented about the inability of the government to monitor the disbursement of funds donated to physically challenged persons in Nigeria adding that it had encouraged corruption among their leaders.

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Sani Ibrahim lives a simple life with all his belonging packed up in his tricycle. He does not have a stable . of income and shelter.

Sani Ibrahim

Mr. Sani solely depends on individuals and organisations who pay to advertise their products, events and services on a board he constructed behind his tricycle.


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