Meet the brother and sister who swapped sexes after both coming out as transgender


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A brother and sister have swapped genders after they came out to their parents as transgender just a month apart.

At just three years old, Aly McGarrity was a tomboy who would rather be outside playing football with the boys, while her older brother Russie, then 5, enjoyed playing dress up with the girls.

Their Beth told Good Housekeeping,at high school, Russie was bullied by his peers but refused to bow to pressure to conform and adopted an androgynous look.He told his parents

I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not,”I did not choose this for myself,”I wish there was a way that I could not be this way.’

Mrs McGarrity says she always knew her children were a little different.But she, and her husband Russ, became worried about their son who slowly spiraled into depression. 

Mrs McGarrity said his school struggled to understand Russie’s struggle and even threatened to expel him after he ran into the girl’s toilets.

Russie..Before and after

While the family were concerned with Rusie’s struggle, unbeknownst to anyone, his sister was also struggling with her own identity.And it was Aly who took the brave step to come out to her parents first.

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Just a few days before her 15th birthday, she broke the news to her brother that she was transgender.Then, with Russie at her side, she broke the news to her mum. 

‘I’ve figured out what’s going on with me,’ . ‘I know that I’m transgender. I’ve always wanted to be a boy. I never told you this, but when I was little, I would go to sleep and wish that I’d wake up a boy.’Every time we did the wishbone at Thanksgiving and I won, I would wish that I was a boy.’

Aly before and after

 A month later, Russie confessed that he too was transgender and both siblings, after receiving counselling, have decided to go ahead with gender reassignment surgery.

Today Russie, 20, is known as Rai, while Aly, 17, goes by the name Gavin.

But their parents said nothing had changed as far as how much they love their children.


Culled from Mail online 

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