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Meghan Markle’s Palace Bullying Investigation ‘Buried,’ Changes Made

Meghan Markle's Palace Bullying Investigation 'Buried,' Changes Made

Claims that Meghan Markle bullied her staff as a Royal have been investigated and did, indeed, spur HR changes — but we’ll never know exactly why … so say Palace insiders.


The Sunday Times of London published a major story this weekend … claiming they’d been told by .s with direct knowledge that the investigation launched last March into allegations that MM was a terror with her Kensington Palace workers has wrapped.

Not only is done — with Queen Elizabeth II privately funding it herself via an outside law firm, per the Times — but it seems something came out of it … namely, institutional improvements to the monarchy’s policies and procedures over this stuff going forward.


So, what’s the tea??? Apparently, nobody is ever going to know … because the findings are said to be getting “buried” by Buckingham Palace, which doesn’t plan to release ’em.

According to the Times, citing .s, the reason for keeping this in-house is to avoid further tensions between Meghan and Harry and the rest of the Royal family … which has left some who participated in the probe frustrated, as they seem to have wanted this out.


Now, some Meghan fans believe something more sinister is afoot .. They say the Royals were so quick to leak news of the investigation at the time (right before the Oprah interview, no less), but now that they supposedly have the goods … they get camera shy?

Meghan is trending right now, as is the hashtag #RoyalFamilyLied. Fact is, some just don’t buy what’s being peddled — because if t. was a smoking gun against Meghan … they believe the Royals/BP would leak it with haste to cover their asses/vindicate themselves.


Of course, another way to look at this — perhaps t. is damning evidence against Meghan, but Nana is stepping in and putting it all to bed … for everyone’s sake. FWIW, Meghan denied she ever bullied anyone — insisting it was she who was put through the wringer.


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