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‘Men are very controlling and insecure, they’re threatened by successful women’ – BBNaija’s Dorathy and Tacha opine


Former Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality TV star Tacha and her colleague from Lockdown edition Dorathy has opined that men are controlling and they’re equally threatened by strong, independent women.

This assertion came during the Blackbox Roundtable Conversations with TV host and former Big Brother Naija season 1 star, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu alongside female BBNaija stars from previous seasons of the show.

Dorathy, in her words said that she sees men as very controlling. The men according to Dorathy wants that woman they can intimidate, such as a soft easygoing lady who will always come to them for money or for something.


Dorathy said, “Men are very controlling. I’m saying this from experience. Men like women they can control. So, once they see that you have it together, that you know what you want to do, they’ll intimidate you.

They want a soft girl. Girl who will come to them like, ‘oh baby I want to make my hair, give me 10k, 1k, 2k’. They hate that you don’t come to them”.


As Bisola joked in the middle of Darothy’s statement that she’s not seeing any man come to her, even though she’s 36 years and working hard for herself, Alex, who sits behind Bisola added, “I feel like any girl that has gone to Big Brother and come out and can still post on social media, the show has a way of making you look very strong. Even stronger than you are.

“This is because, you look at the trollings and even if you go to Big Brother and everyday you wake up you do the sign of the cross, people will still troll you for that.


“So, t. are people that this show has … T.’s nobody . that doesn’t look like a strong woman”. Bisola cut Alex short and exclaimed, “I’m not strong!”

Then, Tacha came with her own opinion, saying that she believes some men are threatened by powerful women whose personality type are exceptional.


Tacha further noted that most times, the behaviour of men would make a hardworking lady to shun marriage, with the mind boggling question if marriage is important.

Sharing her own opinion, Tacha said, “I think some men are threatened by powerful women. Like people generally are checking, like, if you’re powerful, you know what you’re doing. You’re the personality type, you’re like the ‘it’ girl, you’re this, so, they’re threatened.


“And t.’s the question you’ll ask, if marriage is important”. One of the girls answered, “Marriage is nice”. And Tacha added, “It differs. That’s the word, individual differences “.

Watch video below.

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