MEN ONLY!! Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single While Others Are Marrying Every Saturday


It is not that being in a relationship is going to be greater than being single, but there always comes a time, when having someone in your life becomes important. And, if you think you’ve reached that state and, despite trying hard, you’re unable to date women, then maybe you need to check some basic premises that might be hindering your way forward. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why you’re probably still single.

10. You don’t wish to lose your freedom: Remaining a bachelor certainly has its perks. You wake up when you want to; you eat what you like; you go where you wish; and, there’s no one to complain. You don’t like waiting for your girlfriend to spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready, while you’re missing out on an interesting soccer game at home. Having a woman in your life certainly means you need to make some compromises, and the reason why you’re still single is because you’re not ready to do that.

9. You’re too boring: You live in a cocoon of nostalgia and you simply hate getting out of it. You make people around you fall asleep. You have only a handful of stories to tell them, and then there’s a time when it’s all repetition and nothing more. The worse is: you think you’re boring and don’t wish to keep that a secret. Remember, if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.

8. You’re in love with yourself: Ok, so you’re this perfect dude who is over obsessed about himself and nothing else really seems to please him. Even when you meet the hottest woman, your first thought is: I am hotter than her. Finding flaws in others is easy and but hardest in self. If you are of such a type, you know why you don’t qualify to be in a relationship.

7. Gaming is more lovable than women: The new-age gamers are truly in love with their computer screens. Even a minute’s break from work means you need to get ahead in the game, kill the villains, race for the first position and shatter the world records. If this is you, it’s obvious why you still don’t have a girlfriend. Even when you manage to allure a chick, you’ll soon need to change her or yourself.

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6. You repel commitment: If the only commitment you have made is to remain independent then you know why a girl is not part of your life. Women are sensitive about commitments. Maybe they’re just insecure about you leaving them for a better one, but commitment is essential to every relationship. Women need someone reliable and not a douche bag who values other things more than a relationship.

5. No job, you’re broke: Not all women are fond of gifts, but they certainly like going out with you once in a while. And going out means you buy her something to eat, pay for the transportation, and also for the entertainment. This could be an expensive affair if you’re broke. Evidently you would not make a move if you don’t have money in your pockets.

4. You’re always the nice guy: If you think that being polite, helpful and kind are the attributes girls seek, you better do a reality check. Guys, who’re nice, will always take much longer to become comfortable with a girl; sometimes so long, the girl may just move on. Also, being too nice in the eyes of women is like being too weak, just like a doormat. You’ve got to show them a tough side when dealing with other men. It should be hard to persuade but a delight for your girl. A girl must feel you can protect her even if it requires bashing others.

3. You think you’re too smart: Humility is a quality women admire. But, if you’re going to be obnoxious all the time, it’s over. The over smart dudes will generally interrupt anyone speaking anywhere. There’s going to be rude ., and some arrogant jokes that make no one laugh. For women you’re like the piercing nails, so don’t bother women until you think you can be a good listener.

2. Your friends are a bunch of baboons: Man is judged by the company he keeps, and women, too, use the same yardstick when they judge a man. If your friends are a bunch of baboons and hover around you all the time then even if you’re not like them, you won’t be able to get a girl. They’ll act sleazy and snooty, and you won’t be able to help that. You have to make a clear option, either you have this or you have that.

1. You’re a waste slob: You don’t like shaving or bathing. You’ve not got a haircut since time immemorial. You don’t wear your T-shirts properly and do not even wash them. Left-over food is littered all over your room and no one can figure out where your furniture is. Love is not likely to come around you, at least not till you wash yourself, and shed the ape-like appearance for the human one.

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