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What’s our job if not to bring you amazing hairstyle options. Everything about the hairstyle ideas below is totally worth taking a look at. From Nyane‘s short bob to Ayanda‘s braid, it’s clear that the hairstyles for this month is all about sultry glitz.

Let’s take a look at the amazing mid-month hairstyle options we’ve collected for you today…

Mid-Month Hairstyle Ideas


Super short bobs always have a way to add that funk you’ve been missing. You could go for any colour of weave you want but it’s important that the length of the bob is correct just like Nyane‘s.


The smile alone on Amanda‘s face is enough to make you want to try this messy half Mohawk style. This is completely Punk and sometimes you need the little rebel in you to wake.


When you see a clean tight up-do like Cynthia‘s it’s actually hard to resist especially when it is clear that you look graceful and elegant, I mean what’s not to love.


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There’s just so much riding on the natural hair movement and with honorary member’s like Anto Lecky giving off satisfactory styles, we know the movement is going to stay with us longer.


Braid makes people look younger, I should know am wearing one right now and trust me Peace Hyde knew that when she made this gorgeous and classic Fulani braid hairstyle .


So, while many are seeking that hairstyle that would put them ahead, some others just want to create something fun with their natural hair. Well Chanelle definitely gives you an inspo.


Whenever you want something easy quick and stylish, the Fulani braid options are always open and like this hairstyle on Ayanda, you are sure to get it done in no time.


If you are brave enough to sit for a lengthy period of time then you would love yarn or faux locs. The yarn style on Bolaji really doesn’t do too much yet it’s so bold and beautiful.

Be Inspired!


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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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