One of the most iconic bridal moments in cinema history remains Jennifer Lopez’s wedding from The Wedding Planner. And, what we loved about this proficient multitasking bride was the fact that she chose to keep her wedding short and sweet; drama-free. The general idea is this: it is possible to plan your wedding on a budget.

What’s more, it is possible to make it memorable and come out on the other side with assets. How’s how we think you can pull this off:

Make time work for you

Prioritize. Make a good old list and begin to tick things off over a longer stretch of time.

. / YouTube/ DIY it

There’s a lot that you can hack if you spend a few minutes online just to see what worked for other brides who planned their wedding on a budget. For instance, you really can get away with making your own DIY invitations.

3 Thoughtful And Creative Ways To Invite Guests To Your Wedding

(Photo: Bilimoloji)

Ditch the photoshoot trend altogether

Photoshoots are great but what is important is that the wedding pulls through. If you can help it, don’t add to your budget.

Doing the traditional and white wedding on same day

Stretch that budget as far as it can go. Why rent something twice when you can make it do some heavy lifting for your traditional and white wedding.

. Are Our Favorite Photos From The Double Indimi Wedding

(Photo: Bedge Pictures)

Aso ebi/Wedding Merch

This is shameless capitalism, but merchandise sales is the future. So own the sale of your aso ebi and get creative with love mementos that you can sell to recoup back some of your wedding expenses. Feel free to throw in your own budget friendly ideas and goodluck with your big day.

3 Thoughtful And Creative Ways To Invite Guests To Your Wedding

(Photo: Pixabay)

Meanwhile, .’s how you can plan a wedding on a budget with N100K.


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