Mogbo Moya: How To keep Out Univited Wedding Guests


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From unexpected distant relatives, to the plus-ones and strangers looking for a good time, .’s how to cope with wedding crashers.

No matter how tight your security is, chances are some people will still be smuggled in. This article teaches you how to manage these uninvited wedding guests if they show up.

how to keep out uninvited wedding guests

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Some people have just mastered the art of gatecrashing and will find their way through the tightest security. There are different classes of “Mogbomoyas” and that means different ways of handling them.


how to keep out uninvited guests at your wedding



Different classes of Gate Crashers
1. The Strategists

These class of people are the most difficult to fish out at any event. They do their assignment well- find out what the colours of the day are and align. They  show looking like a million box in the same shade of the Aso-ebi and gain automatic access. This usually happens at societal/celebrity weddings.

What to do: Have a guest list and on each table, place the name of the people the seats are reserved for. Also, use bouncers and security men. Don’t leave your invitation cards laying around to avoid it being stolen.

2. The Strangers

Strangers are more common at open, public venues like hotels, restaurants and halls with lots of other events happening at once (where anyone can get through the front door). As soon as food finishes at the wedding they originally came for, they become nomads and migrate to yours.

What to do:

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how to keep out uninvited guests

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3. The Plus Ones

There is always that relative/friend that comes with a ‘handbag’- meaning uninvited guest. They are usually friends with your uncle’s brother’s cousin. You get the gist.

What to do: Communicate clearly to family and friends that you want the event is strictly for family and friends. Also, body state on the invitation card that it only admits one person.


4. Children

Parents are fond of bringing their children to weddings along with them. If you can accommodate them, that’s fine. if not, let your guests know it’s an adult only event. Rated 18.


5. Vendors

Some vendors are fond of bringing in crowd under the disguise of being a part of their team, especially celebrity events.

What to do: Hire a professional wedding planner. Wedding planners, when chosen right can turn any event around. You could task your wedding planner with the job of crowd control which can be achieved through various means. For example, maintaining strict reservation areas and enrolling ushers.


Now you know how to keep out uninvited Wedding guests. . is everything you need to know about getting married at Ikoyi Registry.

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