Adeetoun, an actress and prophetess, recently revealed a surprising truth during an intimate chat with host Chude Jideonwo.

She discussed the late Mohbad and a revelation she had received from him while talking at length about her life and her principles.


The prophetess conveyed that shortly after Mohbad’s passing, she had experienced a spiritual moment in which he revealed to her something very important: he was calling out for peace to himself.

She further stated that Mohbad had disclosed to her that he was unable of both entering paradise and resting, she said that she was finally able to give him some rest.


In response to Chude’s questioning during the interview, she disclosed that she had previously received harsh criticism from Nigerians for being a clout chaser when she had gone out with her revelations regarding Mohbad.

She added that she had to back off because of the commotion she caused on social media.


However, she revealed that she was aware of certain personal information regarding Mohbad’s cause of death and that t. would be significant upheaval if she chose to make them public.

”The only thing that weakened me about Mohbad was when he said you know you’re two creature and you can help me, I was weak, he specifically told me what he wanted, he said I lost track in life, I was chasing what I never needed because I thought I need to get to w. I’m not supposed to get to, this is my path, this is w. I went to but the problem is now I can’t go to heaven and I can’t rest I am just like a whirlwind everyw.” she said in part.

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