Morgellons: A Mysterious Disease That Affect Anyone


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Morgellons is known as a type of disorder rather than a disease. It is a disorder . to a nonspecific skin type. It is mainly specific to the skin, nerves or can even be a result of psychiatric conditions. People suffering from this disease are probably also patients of hypothyroidism.

Caucasian women are more likely to develop this uncommon skin condition than any other female group in the world.The worst thing about the disease is that a large number of doctors do not recognize it as a disease and they claim that patients are delusional and they suffer as hypochondriacs. Below is how you can diagnose morgellons, causes, and symptoms.


As far as medical research is concerned, there are many reports available of patients with morgellons disease who are already affected by lyme disease. Many experts also see morgellons as a mental state similar to that of psychosis. It results in a condition where a person imagines that his/her body is parasite-infested. The actual causes for the disease are not known yet. It is not contagious and the only cause found till now is the presence of heavy toxins in the environment.

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People who suffer from morgellons at the early stages get skin itching problems. As the disorder progresses, it is accompanied by an unnatural feeling as if something is crawling under the body parts or skin. People also notice something like threads or a hair- like substance coming out from different regions of the body. It is the reason why the morgellons disease is also known as skin crawling in many medical books. At later stages, the patients also develop skin sensation, depression, fatigue and other similar symptoms.


Any effective medicine or medical procedure for treatment of morgellons disease is not available. However, many patients have successfully recovered by using psychosis medicines, which are part of the morgellons disease experience. The morgellons disease is still under research.

Due to lack of important information regarding the symptoms, causes and effective drugs, not a lot of treatments are available to deal with morgellons today. In addition, long-term antibiotic use can have serious side effects.

As one of the major reasons for morgellons disease is environmental toxins, some doctors do claim success in recovery through lowering body toxins using different methods. Toxins in the body are mainly lowered by providing patients with . medicines or otherwise adopting valid medical procedures as well.

How is morgellons diagnosed?

There are currently no well-established methods for the standard diagnosis of morgellons. Most of the doctors and medical practitioners identify this disease by relying on provided symptoms or otherwise on medical records and available information.

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Before declaring the patient infected with morgellons, most doctors also prefer testing the patient’s medical as well as mental state to confirm symptoms. Random laboratory tests are also conducted including blood tests, skin tests and others for noticing the disease pattern and to confirm that the patient does not have any other medical problem.

Based on diagnosis and available facts and symptoms, the patient’s medicines are decided. The current medicines provided are a mix of psychosis medicines and skin treatment medicines to lower the ill effects as far as possible. If you notice any of the symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible because time plays a crucial role in a successful recovery.

Womanitely does not provide any professional medical advice. The information mentioned above is provided for educational purpose only.

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