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Ugh, these morning people. You know those people who are always super hyper at 7 am, always early to work, have done their morning workout and are always chirpy and full of ideas? Yep! Those people!

We all long to be like them. Of course they’re like just 2% of the entire population but we still can not resist the appeal their detachment from the snooze ., productiveness and aura holds.

Well, being a morning person is not just something you fix automatically. It is a lifestyle. Good thing is, it’s super easy and it does not involve you waking up earlier than you already do (*wide grin).

1. Hydrate Like a Camel

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Nothing says “Get out of my way, I hate mornings” as much as a dull complexion. And most times. it’s caused by dehydration. Dry. flaky, white-walker, ‘meh‘ skin can not be cured with layers of makeup. You have to drink water. Lots of it!

2. Eat Water Based Veggies
Morning Person

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You don’t have to guzzle down an entire gallon of water to stay hydrated. Try to amp things up by eating lots of fresh water based vegetables. Stock your fridge with cucumbers, watermelons, lettuce, spinach and even potatoes. Adding these into your daily diet will boost your system’s water level and give you fabulous skin. When you feel that good, t.’s no way you won’t be a morning person.

3. ‘Procaffeinate’
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One of the best things in life is the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It just wakes you up no matter how ‘meh‘ you feel. And that’s not all. Coffee is great for skin care because it is rich in antioxidants. So start your day with a cup of coffee and see how bubbly you’ll be when the caffeine rush hits you!

4. Less Is More
Morning Person

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Like we said earlier, piling on layers of makeup will not fix your dark circles and blotchy face. It will only make it worse. You’ll look way better with just a light application of makeup (and that of course is after you have hydrated.) Add a fresh pop of colour on your lips and you’ll be transformed into the perkiest morning person ever!

5. Cure Puffiness
Morning Person


Salty food, late nights and alcohol can leave you all puffy faced. The best solution to this is cold water. Cold water will constrict your blood vessels and remove the puffiness. You could splash some on your face, dunk your face into a sink of bucket filled with icy water. Another option is to store your morning moisturizer in the fridge. This will give it that cooling effect and reduce puffiness.

If you try these tips, you will definitely begin to look like a morning person. We guarantee you will be more cheerful and eager to start your day!

Morning Person


And of course, you’re welcome!




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