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Most Alluring Nigerian Female Celebs

They are the coolest celebrities in Nigeria. Not for any other thing but their lifestyles. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, in this piece, looks at what makes them the most controversial, yet coolest celebrities in the country.

Some of them have been deleted from Facebook, Twitter and instagram severally for uploading sexually harassing materials capable of breaking the internet like Kim Kardashian. Were they Hollywood stars, they would have been the biggest rave in town, not for their positive roles though.

With numerous semi-nude photos of Maheeda on the internet, she easily can claim the spot for the most erotic entertainer in Nigeria. In the wee hours of October 28, 2013, the social media website, Facebook, deleted her account as the nude pictures are a breach of its laws and regulations.


Apparently, Maheeda has overthrown both Cossy Orjiakor and old mama, Afrocandy and is currently sitting on the throne as the raunchiest Nigerian woman. She has become the rave of the moment on social media with each new picture she uploads revealing more flesh than the previous.

Sometime ago, Maheeda posted naughty short clips of herself on Instagram. Scantily clad, she could be seen dancing to Mbryo’s song, remote. Recently, she uploaded another set of shot clips of herself with butt and boobs exposed. The macro-photo social site, Instagram, must have received a lot of reports from users or probably noticed themselves and decided to finally block Maheeda’s Instagram account.

This, however, wasn’t going to stop Maheeda from spreading her own special kind of message. She immediately created another account and subsequently alerted her friends, fans, followers and haters about the development.

Maheeda who has a beautiful daughter named Divine Favour, whom she had when she was just 17, eventually outdid herself by going totally nude in her video, a stunt which caused an uproar within and beyond the entertainment industry. Apparently unperturbed by all the brouhaha, she insists she has just begun.


There is also Cossy Orjiakor whose extra-large boobs continue to threaten to jump out of her attire anytime she steps out at social events. The actress who has four rose flower tattoos on her left boobs had been severally accused of engaging in pornhub bertiality and also contacting sexually transmitted diseases which she vehemently denied.

The actress cum singer is one of the most erotic personalities in the industry and could claim the number two spot without doubt. Google her name and the images that greet you are quite disturbing and crazy. However, her popularity (or is it notoriety) appears to be waning, though she still makes news once in a while with her annoying outfits.

Also, there is Judith Chichi Opara Mazagwu, commonly known by her stage name Afro Candy, a film actress, director, producer, singer-songwriter, model and acclaimed porn star who is the founder and CEO of Invisible Twins Productions.

Discovered by modeling agency King George Models, Mazagwu was encouraged to pursue acting. She began her career in modeling and appeared in commercials for companies such as Coca Cola, Nixoderm and Liberia GSM.


She ventured into television, where she played mainly minor roles. In 2004, she made her major film debut as Susan in the Obi Obinali directed film ‘Dangerous Sisters’. In 2005, she joined her husband in the United States with whom she had two children. After 2 years living there together, the couple separated. In one of her songs ‘Ikebe Na Moni’ which is banned from airing in Nigeria, the actress sang “whether you get boyfriend, or you get husband, ikebe na moni.”

Not deterred by her raunchy lifestyle, the Nigerian Nollywood actress released a porn video which has continued to add to the loads of controversies bedeviling her.



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