Mother’s Day Inspired Looks For Mommys & Daughters


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Mother’s Day is literally days away!

Mother’s Day is a day everyone looks up to in the month of May. This is the perfect time to come up with matching outfits for you and your daughter as you think of places to go to during Mother’s Day. Mother’;s day is a great time to bond with your little one over fashion and style. After all, daughters do take up after their mothers.

. are 3 style looks to go for during Mother’s Day with your daughter:
1. Turbans & prints.

Ok! They went all out in their matching outfits don’t you agree? If you are an Afrocentric person who loves everyhting prints an d colour don’t shy away from this style for Mother’s day. Get prints that will compliment each others outfit to create a balanced look. Going for an outdoor activity this is the perfect look.

mother daughter mothers day outfits inspiration

.: Jessica Pettway

2. Sophisticated in colour.

Well who said bold bright colours can’t be matched with by you and your daughter? This dynamic duo have matched their outfit so well, we literally see the boss vibes in her daughter already. The best way for this is to dress in a skirt and let your daughter be in a skirt, she’ll be more free to run around in her cute outfit.

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mother daughter mothers day outfits inspiration

.: Mangu

3. Girly dresses.

Don’t these two look super cute in their matching strip outfits? These dresses are absolutely lovely; You can opt to go for a short dress with more added detail to it while your daughter gets to wear a more simple version of your outfit. Perfect outfit for a mother daughter date on Mother’s Day.

mother daughter mothers day outfits inspiration

.: Nikki Brooks

What are some of outfit inspirations for Mother’s Day?

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