Mr. Chris Rehs-Dupin Carries Pregnancy On Behalf Of His Wife, Gives Birth To This


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Mr. Chris Rehs-Dupin has joined the few male-mothers when he conceived, carried the pregnancy to full term and gave birth to a daughter.

Chris Rehs-Dupin explained that he gave birth because his wife could not fall pregnant and they both wanted children badly, so he decided to help.

According to reports by, Chris Rehs-Dupin [born as Christina] and his wife Amy met and fell in love in their 20s and being a pre-op transgender male, they planned that Amy would be the biological mother.

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However, after five failed attempts of intrauterine insemination, fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a uterus to facilitate fertilization, Chris volunteered to carry their baby instead.

He finally gave birth to their now two-year-old daughter, Hayden, naturally on December 20, 2014, after five rounds of IUI treatment and a miscarriage.

After which that opened the womb of Amy and she successfully got pregnant in 2016 she had Milo by caesarean section after further rounds of IUI.

According to 33-year-old Amy, they went through a lot of fertility treatments until they finally reached a point where they needed to make a decision of either carrying out more medical intervention or switch bodies.

While Chris lived as a man and didn’t feel female, he was willing to use his womb for the good of their family.

Amy said,

“We were fortunate enough to have two uteruses. So, after a lot of thought and emotion and difficulties, we switched to Chris.”

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Mr. Chris Rehs-Dupin and family

Mr. Chris Rehs-Dupin

Chris explained his experience:

“When I went to university in 2007, I knew I wasn’t a woman and it was an easy realization to make. Being pregnant is such a female thing and that’s when I started to question that it was not what I was.

“I don’t think I had a problem emotionally having a child, I wasn’t losing a part of my identity. I think the world had a bigger problem with it than I did.

“Some people think men aren’t supposed to carry children, that’s the world we live in. So, I feel like the world would see it as emasculating, that it would make me less trans but not the case for me. For me, it was an amazing experiencing.”

“I had no intention of breastfeeding and I hated the fact my breasts had grown. After years of binding them flat, any pressure now left me in agony.”

“I knew it would make me a better and a happier person, a whole person, to start a medical transition. When my daughter came I knew I didn’t want her to be afraid of who she is and it’s important for me to model that behaviour.”

The couple also knew they wanted a second child and as they decided to give it another try. In January 2016, Chris began having testosterone injections every 10 days, while Amy fell pregnant on her first attempt.

While the baby grew, Chris was undergoing his transition. His facial hair grew, his shoulders broadened and his features became more masculine.

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Amy and Chris say their experiences brought them closer. She explained that since her husband had already gone through the whole pregnancy-child birth phase, it was easier for her as he understood her pains, feeling and emotions at every point.


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