MUA @tennycoco in dress by @tiannahsplac…


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  1. No beef at all… nice dress. But personally I think it’s a bit too glamorous for a wedding guest, it looks more like a bride’s reception dress. It’s like wearing a white ball gown to a friend’s wedding.

  2. People don’t want to get that it’s just common courtesy not to look like cinderella at the ball to another person’s wedding. They are hiding behind haters, if you say the truth now you’re a hater.

  3. @lindaosuntade for one I will be very shy to look like this! Totally not fair to the bride!! Its her day , her ones in a life time day! Hide your bazaqueen attitude for that one day!! Look at the gown even has tail abi na train, that’s wicked.

  4. But really.. I don’t know why every1 is going on about this dress. If a friend of mine dresses like this on my wedding, I swear I wouldn’t care, i’ll hug her and tell her she looks good afterall I want people to know I have fashionistas as friends,besides who is having a wedding so all the attention can be on me, the only person’s attention I need or ill want on me is my hubby.. and if the man i’m getting married too gets fazed by this so much that acc to people his attention will be on her.. then i know I’ve made a wrong choice for a husband cos trust me life is gonna throw hotter girls his way and if on a day that’s meant to be about us he can’t keep his attention on me, then that’s a red flag!! But 4 me if my friends like they can wear a bikini to my wedding for all I care, afterall you don’t know if they’ll get the attention of a guy that’ll eventually be their husband, so please I can’t dull their shine cos I want mine to look brighter.. too secure for that

  5. Well i dont kia how my friends dress on my wedding day becoz none of them can take the attention from me. Because of who i am. Bsides my friends better try and take thr attentions sef. They need to represent me.

  6. Na wah ooo some pple can just kill joy. I have been to weddings with nicely dressed pple n d attention was never taken away from the celebrant. Shebi na dis one own u see wat of others? Dose complaining when ur own time to Wed reach indicate on ur I. V u don’t want ur guests to wear glamorous dresses. Let them dress tattered to make u feel good about yourself.

  7. If one of my guests showed at my wedding dressed like this, I would compliment her outfit and even make enquiries about the tailor & the fabric shop. On another note, I’ve got no insecurities as per a guest trying to outshine me on my wedding cos trust me I would be elegant and distinct that even my guests would be taking notes. It’s all about being in a class of your own and she’s in a class of her own. FYI everyone just needs to step up to the 4D*3D is now outdated* @tennycoco


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