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MUSIC LOVERS!! Between Davido’s “Timeless” & Asake’s “Work Of Art” FS News

The year 2023 witnessed the release of numerous outstanding music albums, but two projects that truly captured the attention of music lovers were Davido’s “Timeless” and Asake’s “Work Of Art.”

Both albums received critical acclaim and amassed a dedicated fan base. With their chart-topping hits and Grammy nominations, the debate on which album is the best of 2023 has become a hot topic among music enthusiasts.

In this post, we will look into both album and determine which one deserves the title of the best album of 2023.


Davido’s – “Timeless”

Davido’s “Timeless” is a masterpiece that showcases the artist’s musical growth and versatility. This was Davido’s comeback album follow the tragic death of his son which took away from the music scene for a while.

The album boasts an impressive lineup of hit songs, including “Unavailable,” “Over Dem,” “Feel,” and “Away.” Each track on the album offers a unique blend of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop, Davido’s ability to experiment with different sounds while maintaining his signature style.


The album’s production quality is top-notch, and Davido‘s vocal prowess shines through in every song. With its infectious beats and relatable lyrics, “Timeless” has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on listeners.

Truely, this project is TIMELESS!!

Asake’s – “Work Of Art”

Asake‘s “Work Of Art” searves as Asake’s second album since he broke into the lemelight. This is a 14-track album that takes listeners on a captivating musical journey.


The album features standout tracks such as “Amapiano,” featuring his label boss Olamide, “Lonely At The Top,” “Y.,” and “2:30.” Asake‘s unique blend of Afrobeat, highlife, and contemporary sounds sets him apart as an artist. “Work Of Art” showcases Asake’s ability to seamlessly fuse different genres, resulting in a refreshing and distinct sound.

The album’s lyrical depth and storytelling prowess further enhance its appeal, making it an engaging and immersive listening experience.


Grammy Nominations: Being A Testimony of Excellence

Davido‘s “Unavailable” and Asake’s “Amapiano” have both been nominated for the “Best African Music Performance” category at the Grammy Awards 2024.

This recognition by the prestigious awards ceremony solidifies the exceptional quality of both albums. It is a testament to the talent and hard work put into creating these musical masterpieces. The Grammy nominations further fuel the debate on which album deserves the title of the best album of 2023.


Determining the best album of 2023 between Davido‘s “Timeless” and Asake‘s “Work Of Art” is no easy task. Both albums have their strengths and have resonated with fans worldwide.

Davido‘s “Timeless” showcases his growth as an artist and his ability to create infectious, chart-topping hits. Asake‘s “Work Of Art” impresses with its creativity, genre-blending, and lyrical depth. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and individual taste in music.


Whether you prefer Davido‘s captivating melodies or Asake‘s unique soundscapes, it is clear that both albums have left an indelible mark on the music industry in 2023.

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Between Davido’s “Timeless” & Asake’s “Work Of Art” – Which Is The Best Album Of 2023?

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