Must Read! 31 Things That Will Make Your Marriage Sweet


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Character is marriage, marriage is character. Success or failure of marriage is a function of character. Most times bad character destroys marriage more than any other thing in life.

Below are the things that will make your marriage work and sweet:

1. Understanding. Understanding is an inevitable tool for every woman that wants to live with her husband throughout a life-time in marriage. Living with a man requires high level of understanding of the make gender and understanding is a deliberate character that needed to be built by a woman who want to succeed in marriage. Don’t just act like every other woman, take time to understand why men act the way they do, understand marriage, love, s*x, in-laws, crisis management, parenting and financial management

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2. Perseverance. Perseverance means continued steady effort to achieve an aim in spite of difficulty. This is a character which every woman should develop in order to make their marriage work. At times, the husband may be heady, difficult, beats, maltreat you, your in-laws may pose as a threat to you in that marriage, there may be delay in childbirth, and all these challenges should not force you to quit your marriage. Rather, persevere. Don’t surrender your marriage to pressure, you will soon overcome.

3. Teachability. No matter your age, academics qualification or exposure life, you must be humble enough to be taught by your husband. Even if you think you know more than him, listen to him, allow yourself to be corrected and don’t be stubborn. Men generally love women with teachable spirit. Diligently work on yourself to develop teachable character in life. Tick

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