Too much of everything is bad, no matter how you try to justify your mess…

Am a lady of 28, I am from a broken home but scared of the way I live. I have lived a silly life in the last few years because whenever men asked me out, I ended up in their beds. I have slept with many men that came my way.

Though I am currently dating a 27-year-old guy, I don’t know if I ever will get my right man, who will take me to the altar. I am scared to tell him my past life but it keeps hunting me.

Below is the reply she got from a marriage counselor:

What you need now is a new lifestyle. Stop opening your legs for any man who come your, until you meet the right man who will get married to you.


Having se x with most men is not what will make them marry you. Rather, it is your character, your way of life, your ability to reason that will qualify you for marriage.

Turn a new leaf with your new partner. He could decide to marry you if he sees that you are now ready to be a good girl.

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